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King of Swing SlotAre you a fan of baseball? Have you always wanted to know what it would be like to step up to the plate in the big leagues? If so, this might be the slot machine game for you. While you are not going to be physically walking up to the batter’s box, you can still hear the music and the roar of the crowd as you take your practice swing and ready yourself for the pitch. In terms of slot machine games, if you like your line options and an extensive number of features that you just are not going to be able to pick up on other games, this might be the game for you. Of course, you don’t need to be a baseball fan in order to enjoy this game, but it sure does help.

King of Swing is everything baseball. All of the icons are baseball related. From a screaming baseball that is hit out of the universe to a hotdog, ball glove, ice cold soda and so much more. All of these different icons really make it fun to play and also make it extremely enjoyable when you are just watching the icons flash across the screen.

Now, this is a rather large game. In fact, there is a total of 25 lines you can ply off of five reels. This is larger than most games you might play, but it also gives you more opportunities to win as well. Your minimum line bet is one cent all the way up to $5 per line. Of course, should you bet the full amount on 25 lines, it does mean that you are betting $125, should you feel lucky.

Of course, there are different benefits that you can look into as well. There is a bonus multiplier in the game, plus there is also a scatter card icon, random jackpots, bonus rounds and a wild symbol. This way, the game really keeps you on your toes. There are also different ways you can win as well, depending on what icons appear on the screen. First off, the balls screaming out of the universes are the scatter icons. Beyond this, there are different kinds of winning options. It is possible to have some sort of a payback by just matching two of most cards, although you are guaranteed to win something if you have three of a particular style of card (such as a hotdog, pens and a soda),, and should you have five of a kind, you can really bring in the cash.

The wild cards are the pitcher cards and the batter cards. Should you receive on of the wild cards you are going to trigger the bonus round part of the game. When you do this the image on the screen changes to that of a baseball diamond. You have nine “bats” or pulls to bet. The better you perform during these nine swings, the longer you are able to continue on with your bonus round. For example, if you have a base hit, you receive three additional spins and a home run is going to give you four added sings plus multiply your winnings for that pull. If you land on what is known as the “retrigger” you are going to receive five more bonus spins as well.

Basically, if you are a fan of baseball, this is going to be a really great game to play. It is not as static as many of the other games out there and everything from the theme to the sounds and graphics you see while playing are really second to none. The payout is desirable, and while there are some games that do pay out more, it really is worth playing just for the fun (the max win for the jackpot is $50,000). If you happen to come across this game while you are searching through the different online casinos it is fun to try out and to play. A helpful little image on the bottom of the screen does give you the different pylons as well, so you know what you are betting on and what to look out for, should the images come up. This way, you know exactly what to bet for.