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King Tiger SlotThe King Tiger Slot is a five reel, twenty pay line slot machine game from Vegas Technologies which was officially released online on Jan 20th, in 2011. Betting in-game is one coin per pay line only. The game’s scatter symbol is the flower and the wild symbol is that of the tiger.

The theme of the slot machine game is, fairly obviously, that of Asian animals with a large and magnificent tiger being the game’s mascot. The game features only twenty five different winning combinations of symbols and like almost all other online slot machine games the symbols must be adjacent and touching for the chain combination to count. This means that all matching symbols must be touching and side by side with no other symbols interfering, or in the way. If there are any other symbols between your matching combination then you will not receive a winning payment.

Symbols include the tiger and flower, previously mention, which are special symbols, the elephant, which gives the highest static bonus in the game (5000), the buffalo, the deer, the bird as well as all of the usual card based symbols such as the king, queen, ten, 9, jack and so forth. The King Tiger game is, in comparison to many other popular online slot games, quite simple. It does not feature any bonus rounds (though it does contain free spins) nor does it feature any of the popular over the top animation sequences which usually accompany them. In fact there is no additional animation cut scenes at all, so if you were looking forward to see mighty lions roar or tigers chase through dusk lit savannas you will likely be disappointed. However, the upside to this game’s simplicity means that there is a very short learning curve. This means that it is a great source for people whom are relatively or completely new to the online slot machine game format.

But King Tiger Slots is not just a game for the “noobs” as they say on the more snobbish side of the gaming world. It is also great for the high rollers or more experienced players whom are looking to test their luck and skill (and bank rolls) to a much greater extent than those mentioned above. The reason that King Tiger is so versatile is the betting flexibility in relation to it’s coin size offers. The game’s coin size starts at a single penny per coin but can go all the way up to ten dollars per coin as the game’s absolute maximum. This means that if you were to choose the biggest coin size (ten bucks) and place the highest amount of coins per bet per round you would be looking at a bet of a whooping two hundred and fifty dollars! That’s no chump change and can earn you a huge turn around (provided you have adequately and wholly swooned Lady Luck into your good graces). Or you can go with a complete about face if you are not feeling so hot and just bet ten cents or perhaps only a cent or two per round (reel)! The betting choices here are endless.

Though King Tiger Slots does not feature any bonus rounds it does feature (as mentioned previously) free spins. Free spins in the game can be initiated in the following way and is very easy to trigger: Match any three flower symbols (scatter symbols) on any of the reels. Once you match up three scatter flower symbols anywhere on the reels (meaning of course that as a exception they do not have to be touching the scatter symbol beside them) you will instantly receive a free spin round! The free spin round consists of ten free spins! Making subsequent triplets of matching flower scatter symbols will cause the free spins to stack which means that you could be looking at a potentially unlimited amount of free spins! But let’s be realistic – it ain’t gonna happen. However, even if you only get two or three spins in a row that’s tripling or sextupling your pay out, possibly it’s doing more (depending on how you placed your bets)! So keep your eyes open, not just for the tigers but also for the flowers!

Finally, we come to the titular symbol, the Tiger Symbol; here’s a simple how to on it’s implementation in the game. This symbol appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and can be used in place of any of the other symbols which makes matching a big combo a cinch!