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Lion's Lair SlotThe exotic appeal of colorful large animals, animated lions and the random peal of calling jungle wildlife all contribute to the enduring allure of the popular Lion’s Lair video slot machine game developed by Real Time Gaming and first released in 2005. Recently, several features of the online software underwent modifications, offering some new attractions for the existing fan base.


Some aspects of the Lion’s Lair Slot Machine game deserve special mention. Here are just a few of them: presentation, potential wins and some recent extras.


The Lion’s Lair video slots offer a unique presentation of vivid imagery that resembles a cross between an animated cartoon and a child’s first alphabet. The five reels contain a vivid panorama of letters which spring to life as the reels turn, with static symbols replaced by game images: playing cards as numbers, big cat prints, wildflowers, zebras, and an assortment of pictures of framed animal dens.

Animated lions occur within this mix at random times, lending a degree of activity to the colorful scenarios. The lions in the game do not convey malevolent emotions, such as fear or hostility; instead, like cartoons, the imagery creates a friendly environment for visitors. For example, in one vignette, a lioness happily licks her paws. Pet owners may find these feline images especially warm and appealing.

Meanwhile, as the reels spin, players listen to carnival-like background music, interspersed with occasional bellowing lion sounds. The variety of the spinning symbols and the random sound effects can lend interest to the game for some time.

Potential Wins

Although the visual presentation and sound effects attract initial play, several elements in the game combine to retain player attention. Many online sites offer the Lion’s Lair Slots game. When played for money, the game accepts coins in denominations from one cent to $5.00, so there is a considerable range of available payouts. A “bet” button allows players to choose how many of the 20 potential pay lines to play, another flexible feature.

Players can invest from one up to a maximum of 20 coins per spin, with newer versions of the game affording 23 different winning combinations. The Lion’s Lair players may hope to win a potential jackpot of 7500 coins, but reportedly the game tends to pay smaller, yet frequent, payouts with varying combination of symbols that are explained in detail by pressing the button on the screen marked “Help.” (Due to the release of newer version of the popular game, there may be slight variations in payouts from site to site.)

A scatter feature in the game means that lions can make an appearance in the first, third and fifth reels, where they replace other symbols. Lions serve as a lucky wildcard, doubling the payout when they occur. This feature no doubt attracts some players, because even a very low bet amount can sometimes yield a bigger than usual return, thanks to the lucky presence of a wildcard lion.

Some Recent Extras

One aspect of the Lion’s Lair Slots which attracts considerable attention involves the presence of lion’s lairs. These appear as framed symbols. At some sites, the appearance of three of these dens anywhere on the screen will trigger 12 bonus rounds (which in turn may result in even more bonus rounds being triggered for some players). At the beginning of a bonus game, players can choose the option of selecting a 2-times, 3-times or 5-times multiplier, if they care to do so.

Since the game exists online, some sites offer it as a free incentive to visitors, others provide both free play and paid play options.

Additionally, some new editions of the game reportedly offer progressive jackpot versions of the Lion’s Lair. This feature varies based upon the sponsor, so it remains important to check the Help button rules for specific site-based information.


The Lion’s Lair Slot Machine game has developed a sufficient following of players to remain in vogue for nearly a decade. It has even acquired social media fans. Obviously, some features of the game lend it an enduring appeal, suggesting that the Lion’s Lair may remain popular for a long time to come.