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Loose Caboose Slot – RTG
3.17 (63.33%) 6 votes

Loose Caboose SlotIf you are a fan of slot machines that have a bit of a story line and are more than just pulling down a lever or pushing a single button, the Loose Caboose game might be perfect for you. Here, you can play this particular game both in casinos around the world and online through a host of online casinos. Due to this, if you enjoy the game it is basically possible to play it just about anywhere. Of course, before you try it out, you need to know a bit more about the game, how it works and what all there is to it.

With the Loose Caboose, you ride on a cash train that runs through different areas of the wild west. Of course, during the ride you are on it to fill your pockets with cold, hard cash. It is a five reel slot machine that has small rewards along the way but also larger rewards you can win, plus there is even a bonus round. There is also a progressive jackpot that continues to build. Even if you do not win it, the jackpot increases for the next player and so on, until someone wins it. That little bit of additional incentive really makes the game a fun one to take in.

Now, the Loose Caboose is able to be played at a maximum of 25 lines. This gives you all sorts of different ways to play the game and increases your chances of winning. There is also a max bet of $5 per line. This allows you to bet really any amount you may desire, which is fantastic. It is not like the older slot machines that just have three spinning discs and three images you need to match up.

I found with the Loose Caboose, the longer you play the better the chances are of winning. This might sound a bit odd, but it is because as you go along, you are going to reach the bonus rounds and levels more often, which gives you more money back. The bonus rounds do not cost any money to play once you have reached and you are able to basically win money off of a round you did not pay for, but you are only going to reach the round after you have made it through different levels.

For players who are interested in experimenting with the game before they actually pay anything, many of the online casinos do offer this game for free. This way, you can test it out, find out what it takes to make the bonus rounds and what all is required to move forward in the game. This way, if you like it, you can continue to play or you can move on to something else.

Now, there are all sorts of different images you need to be aware of while playing. These different images are generally going to reflect that of playing cards, such as a queen, jack, ace and others. There are also some other western based icons that you might want to know about. All of this is a good idea to check out and to experiment with so you know what all is going on. Of course, with the five different spinners going around when you play, you should be able to quickly see all of the images and icons that are associated with the game. You can also win the game based on the hand you receive with the cards. You don’t need five aces to pop up in a row in order to win. You can win something if you have a full house (three of a kind and a pair), a flush, straight or any other variety of cards that you might win with poker. Now, this is not the only way you are able to win. You can naturally win with one of the lines you bet featuring both the poker based cards and by simply matching the other icons that are not card associated.

All in all, this is a fun game to play when it comes to slot machines. It is something that might take a bit of playing around with with first starting up, but the bonus rounds make it worth it.