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Love and MoneyWhen you are playing Love and Money slots, you are going to be taken on an adventure that feels much like a soap opera. The soap opera is one that features the dashing boy, the girl who falls in love with him and the evils families that keep them apart. You may not notice that this game is a soap opera, but the tiles on the reels tell a story that changes every time you spin the reels. You simply need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make that soap opera win you some money.

Play Free Love and Money – 15 Paylines

The Paylines

There are 15 paylines in this game, and you can bet up to 50 cents on every line. You have a choice of how to bet on the game, and you need to make sure that you are placing strategic bets to have a good chance of winning money. People that are betting on every payline every time are going to lose more money than they win, but you will surprised to find that you can see how these paylines will line up with the reels. You may find out that you can see a pattern in the game, and you will be able to bet on the game much more efficiently.

The Writer

The writer who is searching for a way to find himself is the wild symbol in this game. When the writer comes in to swoop the lady off her feet, you will be surprised when he can do for you. He will fill in spaces that you need to make sure that you can win, and he will help you win much more money simply by his presence. He helps to make the ladies interested, and he also makes sure that you are having sun when you are playing the game.


Cupid is the scatter symbol in this game, and that is what cupid often does. He scatters the hearts of all the people in this soap opera, and you will find that the game becomes much more easy to play as affections are thrown all over the place. You simply need to remember that you can do everything you need to do with just the scatter and the wild. The writer fills in the spaces for you, and cupid helps you to get tiles where they need to be so that you can be the winner.


When you hit three or more scatters in this game, you are going to be sent directly to the bonus game. The bonus game gives you a chance to have as many multipliers as you can stand, and you will also be able to make sure that the game is going to give you more free spins. You are take these free spins to make sure that you can keep the game going with those free spins. The free spins are commodity that you need desperately when you are playing the game, and you want to work very hard to get as many of them as you can. When you play the game the right way, you will notice that you can create a scenario wherein you are able to keep playing without every stopping.

You will have a great time standing in the middle of the soap opera as all the players give you a chance to win as much money as you can stand. The game will keep going when you are planning to play with it for long periods of time, and you will be able to make sure that you are making more money on this game than on any other. Your winnings will increase greatly when you are playing this game for love and for money.