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Love and Money Slot
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Love and Money SlotLove and Money is a slot machine game in the realm of lovers and gold diggers. Within the 5 columns you will see slot symbols of old rich people, cupid, love birds, thieves, crooks, and even a Fabio with his manly chin and golden hair.

Select a betting range anywhere from 0.01 cents to $75 in this forest themed algorithm. There are a maximum of 15 pay lines to choose from. The more lines you select the more ways you have to win, and the more it will cost you to spin the reel.

Play Love and Money

When you win the symbols animate in eye popping gestures that bring the game to life along with its vibrant colors and birds singing in the background. Feeling tired of clicking the spin button? Select the auto feature to automate your bets and await winnings while sitting at home in your chair. Unlike jobs that advertise the luxury of making a fortune online, this is a legitimate way to win those big bucks. It’s so simple a kid could play it, and actually he could because of the free version.

Don’t get jealous when he starts playing because he’ll undoubtedly play it game after game. Love and Money is a slots game that not only wins you money, but lets you escape the realities of a stressful 9-5 job. That in itself is one of the great pleasures you will experience. There are several ways to win. As long as matching symbols are one of the lines you have, you will earn cash. The line will be shown with its number flashing on the side after every win. In addition to matching symbols, if you ever connect the one eyed senior, he will act as a wild card allowing you to form pairs you wouldn’t other wise have. Sometimes you will win free spins and multipliers when you win consistently. A pop up will display your bonus.

If you want to win actual money then visit our Recommended Online Casinos list and pick up a casino. If you ever need a break from the addicting gameplay, then re-watch the intro including a mini-storyline of the game’s characters. Honestly, I just watched it again for the Fabio guy.