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Love Bugs SlotIf you are a slot machine fan and are into love themed games, then Love Bugs is the one for you. Love Bugs has five reels and nine different play lines which means that this game is chalk full of more winning combinations than most others.

You might want to be a fan of girly colors such as different shades of pink and red because this game is abundant in them. It is a love themed game after all and these colors have been proven to inspire feelings of Amore in people. Though it is a very girly, this game is popular with as well. Especially if there is a significant other in their life, this is the game to play. If you are not in the mood for love, you might just want to avoid this game. It is not for those to drown their sorrows on because you have more than enough chances to win big at this inventive game.

All of the symbols on this slot machine game are love themed of course as the name would suggest, so if you are not into the mushy stuff then this game might not be the one for you. If you don’t mind the theme, then you will most certainly enjoy this game. The symbols on this game depicts gifts that are well-known to please women, such as chocolates, perfumes, diamond rings, necklaces, bouquet of flowers and necklaces as well as a lady bug and the love bug symbol which is the wild card of the game so to speak. There are other symbols such as the heart scatter symbol, violin, and champagne which all get your romantic juices flowing and may give you the luck you need to win the jackpot.

Like most slow machine games, this one lets you play with coin sizes ranging from dimes to quarters and up to two dollars at a time. It lets you bet with nine coins each time and there are roughly twenty-five winning combinations so you are sure to win something even if it is not the jackpot.
You can increase your chances of winning the jackpot by getting certain combinations on the five reels. One such way is to hit the wild symbols and you just might win between one and five thousand coin jackpots. If you are lucky enough to hit any of the wild symbols, you are given the option of replacing that symbol with one that will give you the winning combination you want. You can also go for the bonus reel on the second screen of the love bugs slots, which is activated once you get the lady and or love bug symbols. This gives you and added fifteen spins in which you have all the more chance to win the big prize.
If you are lucky enough to catch the diamond ring, all of the winning prize amounts will be tripled. You can catch things such as the diamond ring with the lady bug and the love bug that are floating around the screen trying to catch the many different falling items as you play the game. The more hearts you find along the way, the bigger the scatter prize will become.

This game is definitely a fun one to consider when looking for the slot machine you wish to play. The symbols are light-hearted and cheery and this game is especially popular during the month of February when romance is at its height and couples are in the lovers mood. So why not give this game a try. Take your girl to the slots and give her a round of Love Bugs where you might just win enough for a romantic night on the town or possibly that diamond ring she’s been eyeing. You can’t go wrong with love bugs slots when love is in the air. It is a must play for anyone whose ever been in love. This game will give you butterflies, literally! So come and take a shot at this fun and romantic game. Who ever thought that a slot machine could inspire romance? It is definitely one you will not want to miss on your trip to the gambling capitols of the world. You won’t be sorry when you play Love Bug slot machines! In fact, you might just become addicted to them so be sure to bring lots of spending cash with you because you might end up spending it all on this one game! You will be bitten by the Love Bug for sure!