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Lucky Fruity 7 SlotWhen it comes to playing slot games everyone is looking for a certain type of game that fits their needs, from small play to larger play. The Lucky Fruity 7 Slots, fit well into the small play budget or the larger play budget.

Small play budget ranges from .01$ to about .50$, however the larger play budget is well obtained with this slot as well, with monetary play values going from the .01$ all the way up to $10.00/spin, this is bound to fit into everyone’s budget.

A few game pointers to help you get started with this game, this game is all about fruit, meaning that the majority of the symbols you will need to get familiar with are fruit symbols. You will find cherries, oranges, the Lucky 7 Fruit symbol along with the standard one bar and bell symbols, now that we have the symbol identification down, lets take a look at some payout combinations based on playing just one coin.

Combination #1 The Lucky 7 Fruit, by itself, if you spin a Lucky 7 Fruit, you will be awarded 2 coins, no matter what the other two symbols are. Now if you land two Lucky 7 Fruit’s on the line you will get 5 coins.

Combination #2 Your spin comes up and you land all three bars on the line and you play one coin your return will be 10 coins.

Combination #3 You land all three cherries on the line, if you play one coin your return will be 20 coins.

Combination #4 Now let’s take a look at landing three oranges on the line, for one coin you will get a 50 coins back.

Combination #5 You are able to spin all three bells you will see a nice return on just one coin, the return will be 100 coins.

Combination #6 You spin and all three Lucky 7 Fruits land on the screen, however you only have one or two on the pay-line, the third is below or above the pay-line you still will get, 200 coin return on that one coin.

The jackpot Combination #7 If you are one of the few that are lucky to land this, you will be very happy to know that for one coin you will be getting 1,000 coins in return. This jackpot is only hit when your spin results in all three Lucky 7 Fruits landing on the line.

If you are really eager to try your like then you will like the Ultimate Jackpot also known as combination #8. This combination is again landing all three Lucky 7 Fruits symbol on the line, however you upped the bet to 5 coins per spin, this will allow you to enjoy the grand pot of 5,000 coins. So if your playing dollars, it would come out to a nice $5,000 paycheck.

The above listed payouts are for the smaller gambler that wants to just adventure into the casino and play one coin. If you are the bigger gambler and you like the higher stakes, you will see a rather nice return as the combinations will double per each additional coin you play.

This game allows a max bet of 5 coins per spin. This game is also a more standard type slot machine meaning that you only have three reels that spin, which allows you the gambler to keep track of the games final outcome a lot easier as there are less symbols to look at and also less symbols to mix and match to figure out how much you will earn off the spin.

Here are also a few other handy tips for this game, if you do decide you want to give it a try, in person the game is limited to the higher value Vegas properties at this time. So the next time your in Vegas, you may want to look this game up.

One note to remember just like any other slot machine game, you must always go into the casino with the mindset of how much can you loose, by doing this it allows you to do a few things, remain in a budget and allow you to walk out of the casino at the end of the night without loosing your entire life.

It is also important to remember that this game has a regular maintenance schedule and up-keep to it, what that means to you as a gambler is that it will not hit everytime you play the game.