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Lucky Lady SlotA favorite among slot players, the Lucky Lady game, ‘Lucky Lady’s Charm’ features engaging, story driven play. Offered as part of the Novomatics Novoline series, this slot game comes in a standard and deluxe version, both of which are widely seen in online casinos. Routinely noted as having some of the highest repeat play among video slots and online casinos, you can be sure to enjoy your time with the game.

The screen for Lucky Lady’s Charm is decorated with a variety of symbols associated with luck. The player is greeted by four leaf clovers, rabbit’s feet and lucky pennies. These all constitute symbols of play as well. Lucky Lady’s Charm is a standard 5 reel slot game. As with all of the Novoline games, gameplay is very smooth and effortless. The gameplay of Lucky Lady’s Charm is punctuated by lovely graphics and fun, exciting sound effects. The environment created by the graphics and the sound associated with gameplay definitely enhance the player’s experience, and add to the enjoyment of this particular slot game.

The game’s story revolves around the titular Lucky Lady, a lovely young woman who needs luck on her side. As the guest plays, they’ll seek a variety of combinations to win credits. A fun feature of Lucky Lady’s Charm is that the Lucky Lady herself appears as a symbol in gameplay, and even better, is wild. Therefore, if the Lucky Lady appears, she’ll assist you whatever combo line you may need to win. On top of the Lucky Lady coming to your aid in completing the game lines, she’ll also double your payout. Her appearance will definitely improve your luck in this game!

As mentioned above, there are two versions of Lucky Lady’s Charm, the standard, and a Deluxe version. The Deluxe version seems to be more commonly featured in online casinos, although the standard version of Lucky Lady’s Charm is not uncommon. The versions are not very different from one another, the only marked difference being the number of lines that may be played in the 5 reel system. The standard version features nine lines, the Deluxe version of Lucky Lady’s Charm features 10. This increases the opportunity for winnings, and certainly increases the excitement of the overall gameplay.

A fun feature of this dynamic slots game, Lucky Lady’s Charm features a ‘gamble’ option in its gameplay. If the player is really feeling lucky, they can gamble their current winnings for a chance to really win big. This is in addition to the ability to bet per line as well – another way to increase your fun, and your potential payout. The bet/line option is great, and creates a mode of choosing how much you would like to wager per individual line (once they are set). Both of the above features are examples of what creates a truly engaging slots game. When the player has the opportunity to choose when and how to invest themselves in the game, it creates a more immersive, and therefore more exciting experience.

In addition to winnings that come from your standard line bets, Lucky Lady’s Charm also features winnings that come from a scatter. The crystal ball is the scatter symbol in this game, and they’re a very lucky additions. If you have 3 or more of the scatter symbol anywhere on the screen, you have a winner. The player will receive a payout, and 15 free spins. Not a bad little addition to an already exciting slot game.

If you’re really invested in the gameplay, there is a great option for continuing play even when you’re not directly in front of the Lucky Lady’s Charm game. The game’s autoplay option allows you to step away, but continue spinning the wheels in a predetermined fashion. You just need to set the lines how you wish them to be played. After this, the game will spin for you on the same set of lines. If you have a very lucky set of lines in this game, this can be a great way to play. In short, the Lucky Lady will play herself for you while you’re away. This way, you can come back to big winnings without even actively playing!

If you love slot play, Lucky Lady’s Charm will be quite easy for you to become enamored with. It is bright, engaging, and immersive. The gameplay is simple yet exciting, and the many opportunities for winnings make it excellent for both experience and new slot players alike. Lucky Lady’s Charm is a fantastic addition to your slots routine!

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