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Luxury Liners SlotGet ready to set sail for the open sea and come back with suitcases full of cash when you climb aboard the Luxury Liners video slot game. Developed by the Vegas Technology company, this 3 reel and 1 line slot game will give you hours of enjoyment. If you are looking to sit back on the deck of this enormous ocean liner and grow your bankroll, you have found the perfect video slot machine to play.

The basic premise aboard the Luxury Liners is everything cruise ship. The background image has you looking out over the rail on to the blue seas, while the symbols within the game are themed after those gigantic cruise ships you see at every port around the world. The game has enough thrills to keep you entertained for your entire vacation, so sit back and get a little better acquainted with the Luxury Liners Slot game.

Before you start your journey on this cruise ship, it is best to get familiar with all the betting patterns first. The very first set of controls on the lower section of the screen is where you will adjust your coin size. The preset is already at a penny, but you can adjust the left and right arrow from .01, .05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9 and even $10.

Now that you have selected the amount that the coin per spin will be, you also have the opportunity to increase that coin size. When you play the Luxury Liners video slot machine, you can bet one coin, two coins, or the maximum of three coins. So if you were to select the $10 coin size and choose the maximum three coins, your highest bet per spin would be a whopping $30 each time the reels spin. This is how you can explode that bankroll in a very short amount of time.

The wide variety of coin sizes allows you to easily adjust the bet size in between each spin of the reels. One of the unique features of the Luxury Liners game is that if you get tired of pressing the coin size and the bet size you can simply press the bet max button and the game will automatically adjust the price and the reels will begin to spin instantly. This saves you some time and gets you to playing the game rather than adjusting your bets.

To the right of the reels you will see the Luxury Liners paytable. On this table you can see the 10 possible winning combinations and how much each will pay if they appear on the reels correctly. The lowest paying combination is 1 cherry on the line, then 2 cherries, and finally all 3 cherries. The next higher paying combination is any 3 bars on the line. Three single bars, three double bars, and three triple bars are the next paying symbols. The top paying combinations are any 7’s or cruise ships, three 7 symbols, and the top prize is of course the three cruise ships.

When you are lucky enough to have all three cruise ships on the payline with all three coins in play, you win the jackpot of 2,500 coins. Imagine how many drinks you could buy if you were lucky enough to get this winning combination with max coins in play! The graphics are very pleasing to the eye and easy to identify. The speed of play is quick, allowing you to get the most spins in as you try to score that jackpot.

One of the fun features of Luxury Liners is the autoplay button. When you choose this button, you get to select a number of spins that the game will take while you sit back and put your feet up for a while. The game will continue to spin and spin until all the autoplay spins have been completed. Perfect for the person who wants to go grab a drink and not miss their chance at hitting the jackpot. Choose from 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 spins, then select the time in between each spin too. You have the option to stop the game when the jackpot is hit or if a win exceeds a certain dollar amount. The autoplay can be stopped anytime.

One last feature that is very unique to Luxury Liners is the stop spin button. This button is located to the right of the spin button and allows you to stop the reels from spinning at any time. Also know as the skill stop, you simply press the stop spin button and the reels come to a screeching stop. This feature is perfect if you want to speed up play or you feel you have the best chance to stopping those reels when the cruise ships are all lined up.