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Mad Scientist Slot – Betsoft
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Mad Scientist SlotMad scientists have been in the public consciousness almost as long as science itself. There’s something about the figure of a mad scientist which brings back all the legends of old alchemy and strange experiments which have been with humanity since the start of civilization itself. The names we put on the figure might change. Sometimes people call such a figure an alchemist, other times a scientist. But whatever the title, people just find the idea of a mad scientist to be fascinating.

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This might well be why the Mad Scientist video slot is so popular. The game is heavily themed around the concept of mad scientists. One of the most significant examples can be found with the symbols. The slot game features a selection of icons which represent various aspects of science. Or, on occasion, they might represent something closer to the mad science of one’s imagination.

One of the more entertaining aspects of this design comes from the mad scientist’s intent. A player sitting down to play at a slot game is hoping to have fun. It might well be said that he’s trying to turn fun into money, or fun into gold. Well, the mad scientist of the game is also trying to do something similar. His intent is to turn various common things into precious metals. While this might seem like a minor point at first, it’s a fantastic way of really investing the player in the game.

The mad scientist himself is quite the character. He’s the player’s sidekick and partner throughout every event in the game. As the player has his ups and downs, rises and falls, and in general just the thrill of playing an exciting game the mad scientist will be along for the ride. And of course there’s the aspect of the mad scientist mirroring the player’s journey, and the player mirroring that of the mad scientist. After a while anyone will be cheering on the mad scientist, and in doing so cheering for themselves as well. One might even say that the entire user base is united in that ancient dream along with the mad scientist.

Of course that brings up the question of whether the dream will be realized. The absolute best way to find out is to give it a try for oneself. But it’s understandable that one might want a bit more information regarding the game’s rules. At a very basic level, Mad Scientist is a 5 reel and 20 payline game. If one were only considering these very basic aspects than it’d be a fairly standard game. Going along with that, the average level of payout would be fairly unexceptional as well. It’d be a solid rule set, with a great atmosphere if there was nothing else to it. Thankfully, the creators did in fact just use that design as a base to build something far more interesting.

Aside from aesthetics, the game’s biggest draw is the special features. One of the most interesting is known as the Great Experiment. In this bonus round, the mad scientist needs your help to test his serum that can turn anything into gold. This is a big chance for the player to win a special prize. The exact nature of the prize is always going to come as a surprise. One thing’s for sure though, the prize will make any player cheer right along with the mad scientist.

One of the other bonus features is known as Bio Pick Me. Normally a biohazard sign would send people running to safety. With Mad Scientist, the player would be better advised to run in the direction of a biohazard sign. Because if one places three, four or five biohazard symbols on an active payline than the Bio Pick Me feature activates. This will instantly award a significant amount of extra credits for the player. And further, any existing multipliers will also be added on. This can create a really amazing win for a player within a very short time frame. There’s goo reason the mad scientist will also become so excited when this feature appears.

Wild’o’Cution is another special event which can be triggered by the right combination of symbols. If tesla coil symbols show up on the first or fifth reel on payline one, two or three than Wild’o’Cution will be triggered. The coils will go wild with electricity, and in turn make the symbols change to a wild value. Saying that this will increase chances of a winning spin is an understatement.