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Madder Scientist Slot – Betsoft
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Madder Scientist SlotHere is a video slot game that takes you into the laboratory of the mad scientist and his sexy assistant as they try to discover a serum for turning objects into gold. Dr. Prescott is the main character in The Madder Scientist slot game, and if you can make it to the unique bonus rounds in this game he will reward you with more money than your could carry out of the lab.

Play Madder Scientist

The Madder Scientist game is situated in the lab where Dr. Prescott sits in front of the spinning reels and tries to help you with winning more money. Before you begin to spin the reels, you need to choose the coin amount from the little box on the lower left corner of the game. Once you have chosen from .02 up to $1.00, you can then choose the number of lines you would like active. Choose from a single line all the way up to the maximum of 30 active paylines. You can also adjust the bet size credits, or if you simply want to play for the most rewards, click the max bet button and get to it.

The unique symbols that make up the Madder Scientist are all related in one form or another to working in the laboratory. The lower paying symbol is the yellow danger sign, followed by the bubbles, beakers, microscope, lighted tube, the rabbit, the sexy assistant, and Dr. Prescott himself. Getting 5 of a kind of these symbols pays from 200 to 2,500 coins. The only other 3 symbols are all related in one way or another to some of the wildest bonus features you will ever come across. These symbols are the green beaker, the switch, and the carrot.

The first of these symbols is the green beaker, getting 3 of the beakers on any reel will open the Click Me feature. With this bonus feature, you get to choose one of the three beakers to reveal either free credits or free spins. Continue choosing the beakers until the Collect symbol appears, then all the credits and free spins are added together and any free spins will be played out.

The second bonus symbol is the switch, and getting 3 or more of the switch symbol reveals the Wild Switches bonus feature. In this fun game feature, one of the reels will be chosen randomly to be full of wild symbols as 5 free spins are taken. During the bonus feature if any new switches appear on the reels, they add 1 new free game each to the total of remaining free games. This means you could be sitting back for quite a while as the free spins continue to explode your bankroll.

The last bonus feature is triggered when 3 carrots appear on the reels. Once the carrots are paid out, you will be taken to the laboratory where Dr. Prescott and his sexy assistant need your help making a new serum to try and turn an object into gold. You will be asked to choose a color serum that will them be poured into the flask. The next screen you will be asked to choose another color liquid that should neutralize the serum, which will then be poured into the same container. Once completed, the Dr. and assistant will use your serum on an object to see what happens. If the object turns to gold, you will be paid handsomely for your help to the delight of both employees.

While these bonus features might seem to be enough for any other video slot game, the Madder Scientist takes this to a completely different level with a bonus feature that is active throughout the entire game. After the reels have been spun, you have the chance to choose any of the reels to respin, but this does come with a price. Each reel will cost different amounts of credits, depending on how valuable that repsin could be. So for example, you have 4 symbols in the first 4 reels and need the last one in reel 5 to get a huge jackpot. Click the respin for the 5th reel and good luck. You have the option to click the respin feature as many times as you like until you strike it rich.

With the incredible animation that takes place on the Madder Scientist, each spin is like interacting with a movie in real time. The game has many interactive aspects that will allow you to control the way the game plays out and how much your bankroll is padded.