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Magic Carpet SlotOnline casino games often take familiar, welcoming images from popular culture and fuse them with gaming technology to create games that will draw us in and entice us to keep playing. And when done correctly, a game can be nothing short of addicting, even beloved by players. One game attempting to fuse familiar fairy tale elements and classic slot machine action is the game Magic Carpet Slots by WGS Technology (Vegas Technology). With colorful, fairy tale images of Aladdin and his enchanted flying carpet, this game brings players into the magical, whimsical world of the Arabian Nights, combining the magic of the ancient fairy tale with the magic of modern gaming.

The overall theme of Magic Carpet Slots is the game’s strongest suit. Everything in this game, from the main slot graphics to the sound effects of the reels, fits well together. Graphics include Aladdin, Jasmine the princess, the Genie, a magical flying carpet and a palace reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. The background graphic surrounding the reels depicts a starry night with hints of the magic carpet and the palace, and it does a good job of framing the reels with the overall Arabian Nights theme. The contrast of the dark night sky against the vibrant, bright colors of the reels is also quite effective. Animation of the Genie, the wild card, is a nice touch as well, and it makes spinning the bonus space that much more exciting when the Genie laughs and sparks fly. However, the illustrations of both Aladdin and Jasmine leave something to be desired, and these two main characters, despite being important, high earning characters, seem to lack depth and detail. But the overall effect of the graphics works well with the theme, and Magic Carpet Slots is certainly a game that looks and sounds like a true fairy tale from the Arabian Nights.

As for game play, Magic Carpet Slots features 5 reels with 25 possible pay lines. Bets can range from one cent to $10 per line, making this both a fun penny slot game as well as a high-risk, high-reward, high-roller game. Standard slot rules apply for this game. The generic graphic slots of numbers and letters are worth far less than the character spaces. The palace, Jasmine and Aladdin offer the highest payouts for standard wins, and getting 5 in a row of any of these major character spaces will lead to a nice payout.

On top of the standard payouts, Magic Carpet Slots also features a few fun bonus options. The first bonus is the Genie character. When spun, he becomes a wild card that substitutes for all other symbols, increasing the win potential. The more Genies that appear, the higher the win, and this fun character can make even the dullest spin of low earning spaces a winner. He only appears on lines 2, 3 and 4, however, and the Genie does not substitute for the second bonus space, the magic carpet scatter bonus.

The magic carpet scatter bonus is where the fun really is in this game. When 3, 4 or 5 magic carpets appear consecutively, either from right to left or left to right, free spins are triggered. A player can earn up to 15 free spins, and winnings are tripled on these bonus rounds. This scatter bonus is not triggered very often and it can be quite elusive to spin, but when it hits, it can create a huge win. Spinning just one magic carpet scatter bonus can turn your losings into winnings, adding a truly exciting element to this game.

Overall, Magic Carpet Slots is a fun game to play. The whimsical, magical theme is nostalgic of childhood cartoons and fairy tales, and it’s presented well through colorful graphical elements and fun, festive sound bites. Game play is quite traditional, but the magic carpet scatter bonus is exciting enough to hit and lucrative enough to hit that it makes up for any lack of creativity that might be perceived from the standard game play. The ability to bet pennies to $10 per line also makes this game appealing to many levels of players, and toggling back and forth between higher and lower bets will keep many players interested. WGS Technology (Vegas Technology) has done a really nice job of integrating a good 5 reel slot system with a colorful, fun and whimsical theme, and this game will certainly bring in many players looking to capture the magic of the Arabian Nights fairy tales by winning on the slots.