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Malt Shop Memories Slot – WGS
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Malt Shop Memories SlotThis slot machine is taken from the old malt shops that were so popular in the fifties where all the kids used to hang out. The girls all wore the cute little poodle skirts with the big hair and the guys in their white t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up and their hair greased back. Guys are racing their muscle cars out on the boulevard, then hanging out at the ice cream shop or at the local drive-in afterward with their girls, eating hamburgers and milk shakes and having fun with their friends. Those were the days. This game brings back all those memories from the 50’s. Now you can go back to those times when you are playing Malt Shop Memories Slot Game and relive all the fun they had and win some money and have fun.

Malt Shop Memories has a practice game that you can play to start out with to get a feel for how to play the game, and see all the different options for betting and figure out how all the different options are played. The practice game will show you how it is all done.
This slot machine has a really pretty screen with blue, pink and purple colors with great pictures from the 50’s. There is a picture of the guy leaning on one of the many famous cars from the 50’s and then the young lady with the skirt and the sunglasses. There are lots of sounds and lights, every time you win, hit a multiplier, double your bet or win bonus games. It is just like playing the slot machines in the real casinos.

There are three reels and one line that pays you when you spin and get a winning combination of icons. At the bottom of the slot machine, you have an area where all the different buttons and read outs are. You always want to read the read outs and the spin screen from left to right. On the left side, it shows how much you have bet and what your total amount of winnings are. There is a button marked “bet” that shows what your bet is for that spin. There is also a button that says “spin” which will start the spinning of the slot machine and place your bet. There is an “auto play” button to continue to play the same bet continuously. There is also a “stop” bottom to stop the spin.

The icon that has the picture of the Milk Shake on it is the wild icon. It doubles the bet that you have made when you win. If you spin and two of the Milk Shake icons comes up, then you get four times whatever the amount you bet.
There are seven icons used for this game, including the milk shake icon. There are the bar symbols with either the word “one”, “two”, or “three” on it, the roller skate, which I’m sure symbolizes the skating waitresses which was how the drive-ins did things in the 50’s, a hamburger representing the burgers that everyone ate at the ice cream store or at the drive-in, there is a blue car which probably symbolized the muscle cars that were so popular to race back then, and the flag for the United States of America.

The winning jackpot win can be as low as two coins, or as high as 2500 coins. The maximum bet you can make at one spin is $30. Malt Shop Memories slots gives you the choice of betting five dollars, ten, twenty five, fifty, one hundred, two hundred fifty, and five hundred spins that you can bet automatically. There is a hesitation between spins so that you can see what you have won so you have the chance to hit the stop button if you want to change your bet. You can win actual, real money by playing Malt Shop Memories Slot.

It all depends on how many coins you bet and on how many reels. You must have at least one of the icons to win. There is a “place one” button to place an individual bet or the “max bet” button to automatically bet the maximum bet of $10.00. There is also a plus and minus buttons to raise the bet you are making. You place a bet and it can range from ten cents to ten dollars.

This is a really fun game, one that you can play without risking too much money and still win a decent amount of money.