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Mamma Mia Slot – Betsoft
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Mamma Mia SlotThere are many great slot machines game that a player can play using their home computer. These games allow them to enjoy all of the casino fun from the comforts of their own home. They can also win a lot of money playing these online slot machines. One of the best games to play is the slot game called Mamma Mia.
The setting for the Mama Mia slot game is in an Italian restaurant. The head chef has to create dinner dishes for the customers as well as the food critic. The slot machine game will use the kitchen as a backdrop for game play.

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While the reels are spinning in the background the chef will be tasting the food that he is making. He will also add extra ingredients to the dish if needed. This is an animated backdrop that will keep the player interested between spins. The music that accompanies game play is soft playing Italian music. A player will also hear noises that are common in the kitchen such as water boiling. When a player activates the bonuses the screen will change to the seating area in the restaurant. With all of this going on in the background a player can stay amused during the spins.
Mamma Mia is a 3Dslot machine with stand out graphics. In this game the player can play from one to thirty lines at a time each with five reels. The player can play one coin per line or five coins per line. The more money that is wagered the better the chance the player has of hitting the big jackpot. Each spin can costs as long as two cents or as much a fifty cents. Before the player spins each time they can choose as position on the reel and they can lock this into a wild space. When the wild symbol comes out the player has a better chance of winning. While this will allow the odds to be in the favor of the player they will have to pay twice as much per spin. There are some bonus symbols that a player should look out for. There is the pizza symbol and when three of them come out in a row the free spin bonus will be activated. If three of the same food symbols come up in a row the player will activate the click me bonus. This bonus will give them more free credits to play with. If three menu symbols come out in a row the Critic bonus round will be activated. In this round the player will have to spin to get ingredients to make a main dish for the food critic. If the player gets the right combination of foods they are able to win a lot of money. The food critic will then judge the dish that has been prepared. The higher the rating a player gets on this dish the more money they can win.
Top get the top prize in the Mamma Mia slot game a player has to get five chef symbols in a row. This will allow the player to win 500 credits for every line that they have bet on. If the player is playing all thirty lines they are able to win a lot of money at this time. The next largest payout is 250 coins per line. There are some other symbols that will help a player win some money as well. If the player gets three pizza symbols anyone on the game board they can win free spins. They do not have to be in a row. If the bonus round is activated the player has many opportunities to win money. If Salvatore the pizza maker appears on the screen the player can win even more money.
The slot machine game can be downloaded off the internet. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is not currently available for mobile devices but an app of this game is in the works.
Mamma Mia slot machine game has outstanding graphics and the player feels like they are really in an Italian pizza shop. There are over thirty lines that allow the player a chance to win money and more opportunities for bonuses. This slot machine game is both fun and engaging allowing the player many chances to win.