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Marvelous Marlins SlotFishing for marlins is an exciting sport, but with risks. Just because you decide to go marlin fishing doesn’t mean you’ll catch a marlin. You might even get hurt. Marlins can be elusive and when you hook one it can be a workout to reel it in. They are a big and heavy fish. And just think if the line breaks. All that hard work for nothing. The marlin swims away saying, “next time”.

Wait a minute! There is not just the thrill of fishing for marlins but the glory too? And if you catch one of those big fish there’s glory. What marlin fisherman who can’t say that? But do you really have to get in a boat to find that thrill and glory? No, because there is a slot game called Marvelous Marlins that is just as exciting as fishing for the real thing. Besides you have a better chance, with this fishing expedition, of getting what you’re fishing for and get paid for it.

In the game of Marvelous Marlins there are several different kinds of fish rolling (swimming) around on a classic three reel three line slot machine, the marlin is the most important fish on those wheels. The marlin pays! But the rest of the fish are still in the area and can interfere with the Marlin getting your bait. There is the green fish, the blue fish, and the octopus, all chasing the same bait as the marlin.

The game of Marvelous Marlins was developed by Vegas Technology which is now defunct. But the game this company created is still a favorite of many slot game players and pays out all the same, that is if you can catch the marlin. So how do you catch a marlin? You have to use the right bait and have patience. Marlins don’t strike at just anything and the same can be true in the slot game of Marvelous Marlins.

One of the great things about Marvelous Marlins, as compared to other slot games, is that the bait can be as low as $0.01 or as high as $10 per line. Just as fishing for real marlins, this is a game of chance But the financial investment is not as high to win as it might cost for a deep sea excursion. A marlin boat trip can cost big money. The Marvelous Marlins costs just penny’s, unless of course, you feel real lucky and want to go for the gold.

Okay so let’s bet on you catching the marlin. Like was mentioned earlier you have a choice of betting anywhere from one penny to ten dollars per line. No, not fishing line. At the time of your spin all three wheels become active. As they spin you will have the option of pressing the “Bet One” button which requires no less than five coins per spin or to hit the “Max Bet” and hope that you come out with more than you put in. But you have only a few seconds to make your decision. It’s a gamble just like fishing for a marlin. You have to be quick in deciding your next move. Hitting the button at the right time can get you a catch.

Marvelous Marlins also have an “autoplay” ability. Autoplay is just that. You insert your coins and hit the autoplay button and you can walk away for a bit. This is a nice feature when you are entertaining and need to pay attention to the people around you. But walking away from a hunt for a marlin is not the best way to catch a marlin. Autoplay makes the decisions for you, decision you might not want made, thus leaving you broke when all is said and done. The best bet, just like fishing for a marlin is to watch your game.

One convenience for all Marvelous Marlin players is that they can stop the spin at any time. Now this is something that you can’t do with a real marlin. Marlins spin and fight, trying to break free of the bond that’s holding them and you can’t say “I’ve had enough”. Marvelous Marlin is not like that in any way. The marlin wants to win and help you win. The bad thing about this is that when the spin stops it won’t be where you want it to be. And if the doesn’t win nor do you. But then again, if the stop produces marlins all the way across you just got paid. It’s much like fishing for marlins.