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Mayan Queen Slot – RTG
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Mayan Queen SlotThe Mayan Queen is a variation on the classic movie called the African Queen. Instead of moving through the rivers and jungles of Africa, you will move through the rivers and jungles of South America and you look for the magical empire of the Mayan Empire. This game is set up for easy play, and is allows you to make a lot of money while investing a small amount of time in playing. Look through the review to see what you can get from the game once you spin the reels the first time.

The Reels

When you are spinning in the Mayan Queen, you get to use up to 25 lines and your maximum bet per line is $5. You could bet a large amount of money on just one or two lines, or you could place many small bets to see what you can get out of your plays. You want to make sure that you are watching all the lines so that you can have the best game play experience. Most of the time, you will be able to see small patterns in the game as you play. You simply need to make sure that you are paying attention to what is going on on the screen as you gamble.

The Bets

You want to make sure you are placing modest bets for most of the game. There are so many lines that it is hard to put down a large amount of money on each line. When you are betting too much on all the lines, you are going to have a hard time recovering your investment. If you are placing small bets, you can see which lines tend to win the most money. You can then target those lines with the bets that are going to help you win.

Emeralds and Queens

When you see emeralds and the Queen appear on the screen, you are going to get a combination win that will double, triple or more each of your bets. You want to see how often the emeralds come up, and you need to make sure you do not hold out hope of seeing the queen. The queen could avoid you for the entire time you play, and it is possible that you could miss out on other opportunities while you are waiting for the queen to come out of the woodwork. You cannot use wilds and bonuses alone to play this game. You are much better off making sure that you are playing the game with wisdom and savvy.

Play For A While

If you want to win real money playing the Mayan Queen, you need to make sure that you are playing the game for a longer period of time. You want to spend time learning about the game, and you need to see if the game can give you good results simply because you are paying attention. The wise people that watch over the game as they play are going to learn more than people who blindly spin the reels over and over. Also, paying attention will prevent you from spending too much money on wagers that might not give you any real return.

You can play the Mayan Queen as much as you want when you come online, and you can spend a lot of time finding out when the queen will appear. She is in complete control of her realm, and you must be prepared to think over your strategy while you are playing the game. Some people play slots to pass the time, but you will lose all your money if you play this slot machine in this manner. The best way to win money on this game is to use the emeralds wisely as you bet on some of the reels to get good winnings. You will easily make a profit if you use the right strategy.