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Miami Club Casino

Games, games, games! You have over 150 games to choose from on this incredible site including poker, black jack and slots. The payouts are phenomenal and the action is smooth.

Not only do they offer regular table games and slots, they also offer a VIP Membership called Miami VIP Club. Once you click there, you have 6 different levels and choices from 20% to and incredible 45% deposit incentive. No other site offers this kind of membership and you will not be disappointed by joining. The payouts are so awesome in the regular site, but you won’t believe the payouts and gaming fun you will receive as a VIP member. The Comp Rates for your VIP membership are through the roof amazing. As a gamer, you will receive the gold standard of pleasure by becoming an exclusive member.

As if that wasn’t enough there are also Daily Promotions and are offering a 1 to 1 deposit schedule which means when you deposit $100 you receive a bonus of $100 bumping you up to $200 in gaming funds. Who offers this?? No one I have found that is for sure. This bonus is available up to $800 which is incredible.

If you are a tournament player, you won’t find better slot tourneys than here! They are offering a mega $10,000 prize pool which is unheard of in the gaming business. This is better than Vegas or Atlantic City by far, all from the comfort of your computer and home.

Today I spent hours playing the great Slots. I cannot believe the ease and the high payouts I have received. I will be able to play for days on my earnings. I have never found such a legit site for gaming as Miami Club Casino. Last evening I tripled my deposit in a couple of hours in their super loose slots. I love the Amazing 7’s, they are my favorite. The Gold of the Gods game is quickly becoming another of my favorites. I love to sit and play for many hours, and doing it online is such a relaxing way to play without being bothered by other players and annoying people in a club atmosphere. You simply must try it.

Next up for me is Video Poker. I can’t believe how many different games they offer for Poker. Whether you like to play Hold ’em or straight Poker, you will not be at all disappointed with the selection and the outrageous payouts. Jacks are better is a really good challenge for any experienced player, and here you will not find any better sequences and odds. I am amazed at how much they pay out. I am a fairly consistent player and like to take risks, and with these games you can feel free to risk because the pay off is so high.

Let’s talk about their specialty games…Choose from Bingo Bucks, Dice games, Keno, Poker Dice, and Poker Slots. I have never seen such a wide variety on a site before. I am in love with Poker Slots and Keno! If Bingo is your game, you will be in heaven here. The games are challenging and fun, with dynamic pay outs. So if you are looking for games other than the standards, try the specialty game tab, you just might find your new favorite in this room, I know I did.

Miami Club makes it so simple to use your debit or credit cards, with a secure link you can feel safe using. So if you are interested in a gambling adventure with high payouts and ease of use, then Miami Club Casino is for you! You will be so happy by the loose slots and the hot hands you will get in black jack; you will be on a streak for hours! Come on in and play.

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