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Mile High SlotThis game was something new. The Mile High Slot game was another nice game I played and it was also a very entertaining game to play. It also has bonus spins that were very fun and they were very helpful when my money went down low. The back ground of the game was very pretty and I really liked it. The back ground had clouds which were so pretty, it also had the sun which brighten up the game, and then it had some very beautiful birds. This slot game was a breath of fresh air.

Now the mile high slot game was a nice game that had a lot of unique features that sat it a part from the other slot games I had played. The mile high slot has twenty- four different ways to win so you are sure to win one way or another. This slot game also has different winning symbols as well. I like a good slot game and this certainly is one. The mile high slot game has a nice bonus as well it was very interesting.

The highest jack pot they have is eight thousand coins. It is really fun when you win the jack pot. When you hit the jack pot you will hear some laughing pilots. I was very happy to hear that sound because I know I had hit the jack pot. The symbols for this game are: the laughing pilots (which happens to be the jack pot symbol as well), the air plane symbol, the passenger symbol, the hostess symbol, the passenger and the hostess symbols are also the wild symbol, there is also the air plane symbol (which is also the scatter symbol), there is a kiss symbol (which is also the bonus symbol). The other symbols for the mile high slot game is the martini glass symbols, the pass port symbol, the trunk symbol, and lastly the playing card symbol. Those are the symbols for the mile high slot game and they are unique.

When you get two or more scatter air plane you will get a pay out as long as you are on the reels. And when you get three or more air plane symbols you will then win a free spin. When you get free spins you get to choose from two options and your options include the number of free spins you want to take, you get a chance to choose the multiplier. Another thing about this game is that it has a bonus game which is fun also. The bonus game name is kiss kiss kiss bonus. The game is only active when you hit the kiss symbol three times or more.

In order to show up on the reels you need three or more kiss symbols. And when you get at least two of the winning symbol or a wild symbol and some other symbol you will win something. The wild symbol as in all slot games plays a role in helping you to win some money. When there is a mixture of symbols and a wild then you will win some thing and then you can hear the laughing pilot sound. The sound makes the game really fun. I was shocked when I first heard it because I was not expecting to hear that sound.

When placing your bet I think it is best if you go high and then once you start loosing then you should go low because you never know you may hit a free spin and once you start winning again then you can go back up again because you may end up winning a lot of money in return. And Even though you may not use all of your money you can still win a nice amount of money. Therefore if you want to have some fun then just try this slot machine game I know you will have fun on it and the sound is very different from other slot games.

The free spin is triggered when you hit three or more air plane symbols. There are three options when you hit the free spin. Option one offer is you can choose twelve free spins with four x multiplier, the second option is you can choose eight free spins with the nine x multiplier, and lastly the third option is five free spins and six teen x multiplier. When the free spin is active the passenger symbol and the hostess symbol expand and reach across all of the positions that are on the reels. The bonus game make this game even more fun and it is activated when you get three or more kiss symbols. This is a very fun game with some very fun features this conclude my review.