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Miles Bellhouse & His Curious Machine Slot – Betsoft
4.5 (90%) 2 votes

Miles Bellhouse & his Curious Machine SloThis game is really like a video game with a character that looks like Harry Potter wearing glasses. There is a bad guy called the general that wears a red uniform. The Harry Potter guy or Miles has a friend to help him along the way that I think he created. It is made out of scrap metal and looks like something from Star Wars. He or it is really small and red. I always start with the view pay button. Because I want to know how to win and which characters pay the most. Miles and his tin friend get impatient as they wait for you to start playing.

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Miles even checks his watch and the little tin guy raises his hands and squeaks something that sounds like come on or what are you waiting for. When you win there is a spot at the top in the middle of the play area that tells you the line and amount you won. The first time I won it was with the little red tin man and a picture of him sitting on his control seat popped out of the play area and the actual one in the game jumped in the arms of Miles. Miles shouted alright and pumped his arm in the air. When I won the second time the little red tin man did speak or squeak out a yeah with Miles. It was funny that I found myself laughing out loud. I really did. Sometimes in the game one of the wheels will spin backwards after the others have stopped which gives you another chance to win. I won the first time the vortex showed up. The vortex was kinda cool. It spins around the other spaces in the play area to give you a chance to win more credits. I also noticed the little guy has jets on his feet and he can fly and flip into Mile’s arms. There is also smoke that comes out from the chair Miles sits in and across the room from the other side of his contraption. I started with .10 for my coins but changed to .25 to see if I could get more action because the game seemed to be going slow. When I finally won with the bad guy it showed he was short and fat with a huge chin. At one point during the game the bad guy who is known as the general shows up and tries to peep into the window and falls from some boxes. Miles and his little friend panic and run to the time machine. A button pops up that says travel and when you push it – it moves the machine to another place. After I push the button the first time, I was taken to Paris in 2012 and won 240 credits. I get to push the travel button a second time and I end up inside a tomb in Egypt in 1690 BC and win 90 credits. I push the travel button a third time and we return to the hide out or where we started. It looks like a hide out and I win another 480 credits. If you change your bet in the middle of the game you get a warning that the rewind feature is disabled for that spin. I changed it to max bet and won my biggest spin so far of 250 credits. After I started playing the max bet spin I was winning 175 and up in credits most of the time. The music changes every time you win starting out small and hitting a crescendo at the last winning line. There was one point in the game when 3 reels spun backwards but I only won 35 credits from that. The most that I won was 1000 credits when I got 3 generals. I played max bet for about an hour until the credits ran out. I never really got to see what the adventure was supposed to be about. The music became annoying so I turned it off. The little guy and Miles kept saying the same nagging thing over and over again – amazing, alright or yeah. If you like video games this is for you. Actually, you could let your kids play this game. It’s rated G. It’s not a game that I would play again but like I said it would make a great babysitter.