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Milk the Cash Cow Slot – Rival
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Milk the Cash CowSometimes simplicity speaks for itself. Milk the Cash Cow Video Slots game enjoys great popularity for a reason: it reflects the classic, timeless qualities of traditional slots machines.

Play Free Milk the Cash Cow – 1 Paylines

This old favorite retains a loyal following because the game offers both entertainment and a chance to win a very, very large jackpot. If you enjoy playing slot machines with nice, straightforward rules, just a few symbols to interpret and big potential rewards, you will love Milk the Cash Cow Video Slots!

But first, a few words about the basics of this game, the winning combinations and one very special icon worth watching during your play.

Basic Rules

People often associate simple pleasures with rural places. And few video slots games seem better adapted to Cowboy and Cowgirl Country than Milk the Cash Cow. Folks who prefer easily understood, basic rules without a lot of complexity should master this slots game quickly indeed.

The game involves three reels and only a single pay line. This means that few distractions interrupt wagering. However, players can bet in widely varying amounts, with some versions of the machine accepting as little as one penny, or as much as $5 or even $10 dollars. Many places offer fun play for points or credits, as well.

In short, the game furnishes a seamless introduction to video slot machines for people who prefer simple rules, limited animation and very few distractions. The complexity of the Information Age can dissipate into hours of easy fun pushing the spin button while hoping that your trusty cows to bring you some big rewards.

Participants see a cartoon of a shapely milking maid attired in a red shirt and undersized jeans milking in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The steady banter of a busy feed lot plays softly in the background, interspersed with a big, loud “moo” whenever the player obtains certain winning combinations.

And, of course, a jingling ka-ching sound contributes to the audio whenever the cash cow pays off. From time to time, the milk cow grows animated and shakes her head from side to side.

Winning Combinations

This slots remains a long term favorite of many players precisely because it involves so few symbols. Players can easily recognize the most valuable icons. As the reels spin, participants see a happy milk cow’s portrait, everyone’s favorite. Other items include a brimming milk bucket, piles of cash and bars (not branding irons or drinking establishments, the traditional gaming variety of bar). These long black stripes come in single, double and triple forms.

Three cow mugs falling across the pay line produce a premier jackpot of at least 2000 coins. Three milk buckets provide a secondary jackpot, a minimum of 30 coins. Other, lesser winning combinations include three piles of cash, three triple bars, three double bars and three single bars. These do not constitute sophisticated rules to master, at least, not on the surface.

Any piles of cash symbol falling across the single pay line may also generate returns, as does the presence of any single bar. In fact, the game retains interest by offering regular smaller winnings and a few large ones.

Moo Town

Now, the lovable cow face functions as a special icon in this game. When this image appears, it may substitute for a winning combination as a wild card. So while three cows in a row produce a potential jackpot every time, even one or two cows on the screen can sometimes translate into wins.

Players need to pay attention to the fact that the number of reels they play matters, however. Inserting one coin will result in the minimum jackpot if three cows occur because only a single reel has been played. The jackpot multiplies to 4,000 coins for two reels and an impressive 10,000 coins for playing all three.

Playing three five dollar coins potentially produces jackpots of $50,000.