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Mister Money SlotOnline slot machines are now quickly becoming the new trend for betting. With the advancement of technology, you can experience the same excitement you get from casino gaming in the comfort of your own home. They are simulated up to the very last detail of the actual, live slot machines that you can find on casino floors, hotel lobbies, and bus stations. Just as they are quite popular when it comes to gaming, the development of online slot machine games are gaining steam as the next wave of betting and a top recreational choice of play.


There is a wide variety of online slot machine games you can choose from that offer different modes of payment through credit and debit card. Think of this as the next generation of online recreational betting; the same way the XBox did when it blew the gates wide open when it came to online console gaming. However, console games are incomparable since they cater to children and teenagers. Online recreational betting targets a different market through different websites that cater to adults.

If you are looking for a little bit more excitement, Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. (VGT) features their popular Mister Money Online slot machines. With its many features, one being a red screen free bonus spin, Mister Money Slot machines quickly became a hit with regular slot machine players. The red screen bonus spin makes the play even more exciting.

You can find these enjoyable slot machines mostly in Native American casinos and when you do find them, it is rare that they are vacant since they draw in many players. While on one of my trips down in Oklahoma, I had to wait for a little more than 20 minutes to take my turn on a Mister Money slot machine. When I went to a different casino, I only had to wait for less than 10 minutes. These two instances of having to wait for my turn shows how Mister Money slot machines are going to give you a pleasant experience.

While digging into some of the details of the Mister Money slot machines, I learned that they have a three-reel single pay line which means that they are not traditional slot machines. Instead, this game has the attributes of a bingo game with the resemblance of a slot machine. You can bet with different denominations that are regularly played ranging from twenty-five cents to twenty-five dollars.

Depending on your budget, you will know what amount you can use to play with Mister Money slot machines. No matter how much you bet, the max payout is 2500 credits. The game also looks and feels differently from normal slot games, but not so much that it will turn you off from playing. You will actually be surprised by the gameplay and become attracted to it. As you play, you will quickly notice the square display above the spinning reels. You should watch out for this display when it turns red for your free bonus spin. The screen shows the letter and number combinations after every spin.

I have played this slot machine several times and I have found at least three differences this game has from traditional casino slot machines. First off, the red screen free bonus spin is an exciting addition to common monotonous gameplay that a traditional slot machine usually offers. It makes players anticipate the red screen to appear and get you even closer to winning more.

Secondly, the designers of this game did not change any other features that did not need altering. For example, the denominations remain the same which gives you an option that really depends on your range of betting and affords you the enjoyment that you are looking for. Thirdly, the growing popularity of this game makes you want to participate as well. Everyone wants the next best thing which is usually what is the most popular. That also applies to slots.

It dawned on me that the more I hear people around me having fun on these slots, the more I want to take my turn on one of them and experience first-hand why they are having so much fun. Bottomline, the Mister Money Online Slot Machine is here to stay and will quickly become one of the most enjoyable recreational betting games. You will be in agreement as soon as you give it a try.