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Money Shot SlotFor this review I an going to do something a bit different. Instead of labeling some of the features and my personal views of the game, I am going give you some tips. These tips are going to help you to win and win big. Now you might not win every time you play, but these suggestions will help give you a good running start.


1) The wild symbol. Now this can be used to replace any other symbol. This can also mean a giant payout in the end. Hint: this is the symbol of the player under the net. This player is anticipating the ball. Now the odds for winning with the wild symbol are basically doubled. Pretty cool, huh! If you end up with 5 of them, across the payline, you will win up to 10,000.

Now this is a pretty good thing to have happen. It happened to me the first time I played. Always be conscious of the wild symbol. If you end up getting one in your arsenal, this is your gold.

2) Another thing to watch out for with this game is the scatter symbol. This is also a winning key. If you have this symbol at any time, you have already won. If players get 3 of them, you will get up to 15 bonus spins in the bonus round. This is a pretty remarkable thing. Some games don’t do this. The worst mistake you can make is to have a scatter symbol and not use it.

3) The bonuses are pretty cool. The only downside to the bonus symbol is they are in limited standing. What does this mean? It means they only appear in lines 2 and 4. If you are lucky enough to have them in those lines, you can move onto the bonus rounds. The bonus rounds are where everything will get tripled. Pay attention. In this review, I can not stress this tip enough. You have to always be aware of what you have and how it can be used.

I say this because too many players will throw away money without even being aware of what they had.


The money shot is referred to as the long-distance shot which is made at the basket. Same is said for this game. In this game, the money shot is another thing that truly counts.

The only way to get here is by making it to the bonus round. This is the shot that is made behind the free-throw line. Every time you get a chance to make the money shot, the hoop is placed further away from you. In all honesty, I don’t believe this is very fair to the player. In real basketball, the players don’t really have to deal with it. They just stand at the same place each time. With this game they really test the player’s long distance throwing. For some this comes at a disadvantage.

This is a review, so this is just my personal opinion. If you want to be the judge of this, get online and register to play the game.

The best feature of this bonus round is the hoop. You get to choose the hoop which is linked to the prize money you get. If you are to win $5,000, you need to choose the hoop that links to that. That part I think is pretty cool. As the game sets you up with the right prize.


This is the other cool feature to the game. For those who want to get some experience before actually playing, you can. If you are one to not contribute money right away, Money Shot enables you to do this. You get to have free practice for as long as you need. Now here is where the disclaimer comes in. At some point you will need to start using real money. The game will let you do free practices up to a certain point.

Think of this time as a way to get your feet wet. Once you have your feet wet, they do expect you to dive right in. When I say dive right in, I mean start using real money.

Now some might say this is fair, and others might say it’s a little unfair. I am sort of in-between on the issues. Register online and start playing. Then make up your mind for yourself on this issue.


This is the type of game that any player will enjoy, even if basketball is not your thing. It’s fun and stress-free. Money shot is a game to have fun with, even if you don’t win. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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