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Monte Magic Slot – WGS
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Monte Magic SlotDo you believe in magic and do you think it can work for you? Well, this is something you will have to answer before embracing Monte Magic Slot. This is a game that induces a feeling that you have to believe in magic to win. Actually, it is made with an interface that draws some magical feeling as you play. This is among the most played games in any casino despite the fact that it only features a single payline something that is contrary to what most players are used to. The number of paylines has nothing to do with the uniqueness of the game. There is more to Monte Magic Slot than the simple fact that it is made up of fewer paylines. The addiction drawn from paying this game cannot be equated to anything else you can get online.


Monte Magic Slot is a three reel one payline video slot that is made with unique graphics and sound effects. The maximum jackpot that is attained from the game is 240000 coins, a pretty impressive figure that any player would wish to attain. All the features in the game are made with some taste of magic and upon completion; you will be left glued to the screen waiting or more magic to make the game longer. However, you are discouraged to try the magic that is displayed in this game because this may not auger well in real life. Leave it for the game because most of it may not work.

Everything ranging from the icons to the sounds and graphics is magic. For instance, you are exposed to awesome icons that include rabbits, wands hats etc. This adds some flavor to the game and explains why most players find it irresistible upon trying it the first time. If you would wish to make your day magical, then this is the perfect opportunity to embrace. Playing Monte Magic Slot would leave you exhilarated not forgetting that you may end up winning big.


The main bonus feature in the game is the presence of a wild multiplier not forgetting other icons that include hats, rabbits and magic wands that you will use while playing. You are also able to get a bonus round upon getting the rabbit hat symbol at the center of the payline holding a maximum bet.


It is certain that everyone likes a game that is designed with an impressive interface to fit what the game is all about. Well, there is no doubt to that when it comes to Monte Magic Slot. The interface is specially designed with a serene touch that exposes you to the world of magic. This is meant to induce you to the feeling as you play the game thereby encouraging you even more to move from one stage to the other flawlessly. Enjoy unique graphics and sounds that are well selected to match with the game perfectly. One advantage is that you will not have to waste much time trying to access some command buttons that you may need in the process of executing different roles. Every button is strategically positioned to ensure ease of access to what you may need to implement. For new players, you are assured of easy time while playing the game. There are no complicated rules that may keep you stuck in the middle of the game. Most experienced players that have embraced this game can attest to the fact that it is more addictive than most popular games that you may have encountered in the slots arena.

Free play

Certainly, not every player may have the ability to play for money and for this reason; you are offered a feature where you are able to embrace the game for free. This helps mostly if you are new to the game and would like to learn more about it. Moreover, for people who would not have the guts to risk their money, this is the best option for you.

The free feature is an advantage considering that most games will only offer you a short demo that may not even reflect the truth about the game. This can be misleading and may lead to losses if one decides to play for money. You are not also exposed to any restrictions regarding access to the game. All features that are available while playing for money are also included in the free version of the game. Basically, the only thing that makes the two modes different is the payment. The game is not sold as would be the case with some games that are downloadable. You are offered a free opportunity to explore while spending your day in a magical style.


Monte Magic Slot is an amazing game that can make your day regardless of your moods. This is a perfect creation that will always stand out among various games available in the slots arena.