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Mr. Vegas SlotI love this game! When you win it shows the lines and the amounts at the bottom of the screen and it continues to show it until you spin again. When you win the character acts out their part – the blonde character who puts on lipstick with her lipstick case and then blows you a kiss that you actually hear – the brunette drinks champagne and makes a smirking sound – the butler bows and offers you champagne on a platter – when you get the champagne bottles you hear glasses clanging and a woman and man giggling. If you win big then the top of the machine opens up and rains money as it reads you won big. The game plays Las Vegas music throughout.

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If you get the Mr. Vegas slot machine you are entitled to 3 bonus spins where you can win more credits. The game makes a clinging sound of coins with every spin even if you don’t win the characters each move between each spin while they wait for your next move the creepy guy who is the slot dealer fixes his tie, the blonde covers her mouth to yawn or giggle not sure, the butler wipes the platter and blows dust from it, the brunette adjust her gaze and head as well as the woman wearing the gold head dress. The brunette kept me in the money I won with her a million times or so it seemed.

There are chips at the bottom of the screen with choose coin I had 25 cents although it starts with 10 cents then the bet per line coin I chose 30 but it started with 10 and select your lines and then spin next to that is the max bet spin with real hundred dollar bills underneath. The music changes when you win as it shows the winning lines. At the top of the screen you can turn off the sound but it’s pretty cool because it sounds like a real casino but if you get frustrated which happens when you are losing then it’s just a click to turn it off. Next to that is the mega jackpot that shows the amount you can win for that. Finally, the autoplay button is underneath both of those. In the middle is a big sign that says Mr. Vegas that looks like it is on a tiara with purple and gold feathers. It’s pretty funny. On the right side of the Mr. Vegas sign is unlocks money wheel and then view pays. I started with that button because I wanted to know how to win. That is the whole point.

When you get Mr. Vegas and the dice he actually comes out of the screen at you with the 3D of this game and rolls the dice it was so realistic I thought the dice was coming out of the screen. Then of course this means I got 5 free spins but the game automatically spins it for you. I won on the last spin with 3 blondes and 180 credits. When you win the roulette it spins and you actually hear the ball drop when it stops spinning.

The woman with the head dress was part of a chorus line and it took me a while to see what she did because I didn’t win her that often which is good because it was only 30 credits when I did. The blonde is the one you want she pays. She is also my favorite character next to Mr. Vegas. She is so realistic I have a friend like her. I got Mr. Vegas in the middle of the lines and was taken to a room behind a red curtain. On each of his arms were his girls the blonde and the brunette. I got to pick 3 numbers and then Mr. Vegas places the bet the roulette wheel spins and I actually won 1800 credits. It was fun and the 3d for this game is great and real. The characters actually appear to come off the screen at you. I finally got to see what Mr. Vegas does when you don’t spin for a while he winks and faces you but the best part is the wink makes a ding sound. In the middle of the game another red curtain opens up and I get to spin a wheel. I won 8 free spins. I played for 3 hours before I realized it.

All in all this is a great 3d game. I saved it to my favorites and will be back to play again.