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Mystic Dragon Slot Machine Review
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Mystic Dragon SlotHere’s the thing about online casinos. As far as the games go, slot machines can be pretty boring, right? The average player just pushes a button and then hopes she wins big, without giving thought to any sort of strategy. I like to win as much as the next girl, but I’d like a little entertainment along the way. It’s kind of like scratch off tickets. One has to tickle my fancy before I’ll pluck my money out of my purse and purchase, never mind that the odds of each ticket of a certain price point are similar. My point, is that I’m attracted to certain games based on their packaging. Online slot machine games are no different. They must deliver the whole package: concept, graphics, animation and music. The Mystic Dragon Slot game delivers the whole package.

It’s pretty obvious from the title that the theme of Mystic Dragon Slot is going to be from a medieval fantasy perspective. With dragons! A pretty cool concept, well matched by the icon graphics, music and animation. The icons range from fantastical (a fierce dragon, a brave knight, a fair damsel, a magic scroll, a smoking volcano, a castle and a treasure chest) to the more standard offerings (the top 6 cards from a deck: A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9). Some icons, such as the knight, volcano and dragon, have animations or sound effects. The spinning tiles are set against a beautiful, mountainous backdrop. Accompanied by the majestic, quest inspiring music, there is whimsy aplenty to please my imagination.

As winning as the theme may be, play features are still important. Never fear, those too, are winsome. The volcano icon has a scatter feature which can win you free spins (3 volcanoes equal 7 spins, 4 volcanoes equal 15 spins and 5 volcanoes equal 100 spins). The Mystic Dragon icon is your wild, although he’ll only show up in reel 2, 3 or 4. There’s even a progressive jackpot that can only be won by sheer luck. No matter how the pay lines come together, an aura of possibility hangs in the air.