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Naughty Ninjas SlotNaughty Ninjas is a online slot machine game from Vegas Technology (the same studio behind King Tiger). The game features five reels and nine pay line slots. The theme of the slot game, as one might have guessed from the title, is based around female ninjas. The game features a bonus round, scatter symbols, a stackable wild symbol and normal wild symbol.

Despite the title this game is not particularly “naughty,” the primary symbols are the Naughty Ninja Bubbles, the Ninja Star, Kaiko, a giant octopus (because why not?) and, oddly, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and a one eyed monster. There are also all of the standard card based symbols one who has played online slots for any length of time will probably have come to expect, such as the ace, king, queen, jack and so forth. Though the title may lead many to believe this game is geared towards older, leery men it actually appears to be more geared towards young to middle age women. The game’s character symbols all have a cartoonish, almost anime (Japanes animation) look to them.

Naughty Ninjas has no progressive jackpots, a minimum bet per line of a single cent, a maximum bet per line of ten dollars (which seems to be a trend with all of Vegas Tech’s online slot games), a maximum betting line number of nine and a max bet of ninety dollars cash. Also, in relation to the aforementioned bonus round, this is triggered by simply getting the Ninja Star on reel 3. It need only appear alone, but it must appear on reel three otherwise the bonus round will not be activated. Also, once the player has activated it the bonus round triggers stack meaning that there is potential (though it is highly unlikely) for a unlimited amount of free spins!

The game’s scatter symbol is, as previously mentioned, the Ninja Star. Matching up two Ninja Stars will automatically garner the winning player a scatter bonus payout! The Wild Symbol is the Naughty Ninja herself, Bubbles (why a ninja would be named Bubbles I have no idea). The naughty ninja can be used to take the place of any other symbol in the game, with the sole exception of the scatter symbol (the Ninja Star). This means that if you would have had a matching combination of any different symbols, save for one space which instead of the matching symbol contains the naughty ninja, Bubbles, you will still win! The highest maximum single payout in the entire game can only be earned with the implementation of the Naughty Ninja symbol. Matching five of the Naughty Ninja Bubbles symbols will earn the player a whooping two thousand coins. Second highest payout is one thousand coins which can be earned by matching up five Kakios together. Five matches of the giant octopus you will get five thousand coins and five of the creature from the black Lagoon will net you two hundred coins. Five aces or kings will get the player one hundred and fifty coins and five of the Queen will grant the player a payout of one hundred and twenty five. Lastly, five nines will give the winning player the lowest, highest payment, one hundred coins.

Naughty Ninjas is available to US players and is available on wide array of online casino and slot machine gaming platforms and outlets. Naughty Ninjas also features a auto play option, this is good for very experienced players whom have developed, over time and a lot of play, a distinctive betting plan. Meaning that the player does not have to wait a long time clicking buttons but can just dive straight into the heart of the action. Another great thing about the game is how accessible and versatile it is, which makes it great for both new and returning and more experienced players. This versatility comes in the form of the previously mentioned betting range, which goes from a single cent per coin all the way up to ten dollars cash per coin. This wide expanse for betting options means that those players whom have a hefty bank account and a lot of experience can place their huge bets and those that are not quite so financially fortunate can hold back and maybe just gamble a couple of cents up or down. Either way you chose to play Naughty Ninja is a good looking video slots game with a lot of bonus options that is simple and easy to use and is good for both new and old online slot players.