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Ninja Star SlotNinja Star takes you into the secret and hidden world of Ninjas ans their companions. Ninjas are silent warriors who can go anywhere without being seen or heard. However, you will have a lot to see and hear when you are playing this game online. The game gives you a chance to earn free spins, win money and bet on paylines that will help you increase your earnings. Every chance you get to play Ninja Star is a new experience because the game is completely unpredictable.


You can bet any amount you want on the paylines, but many people have found that you can win the most money consistently if you are betting around two dollars on every spin. This bet size is modest enough to keep you in the game, and you will be able to get some modest winnings when you hit the right paylines.

You also must remember that there is no amount of strategy that is going to guarantee anything. This is simply a basic way to succeed when you are playing the game. There are no guarantees, but you will be able to have fun while you are using a strategy that works for most people most of the time.

The Ninja

You will sit around waiting for the ninja to appear when you are playing the game. The game only cuts to bonus rounds when you see the ninja, and you need to get three ninjas in a row if you want to have a really good time playing the game.

You can go to a bonus round that will help you win even more money if you can get three ninjas in a row. However, you will not see the ninja very often. There are some people that have played the game many times and not seen the ninja even once. If you are able to get even one ninja, he will fill in to help you complete a combination that will pay you some money. Do not hold out your hopes for the ninja, but play in the hops that he can help you.

Stop The Wheel

This game is unique in that you can stop the wheels spinning at any time. You may not be able to get specific matches when you stop the wheels, but you will have a very good chance of getting the wheel to stop on something that is favorable. Many people have a hard time getting the wheel to stop in the exact place that they want it to, but this is certainly better than not having any control at all over how the game works when you are playing it. Take control as soon as you can and see if it can help with your outcomes.


You can win up to 50,000 times the best that you place down for one spin. This is a rare occurrence, but it is possible. This is the kind of game that seems standard until you are winning several times the amount of money that you bet on just one spin of the wheel. You need to make sure you are keeping track of your winnings so that you can discern any patterns you might find. These patterns many not help you, but it is best to gather information about the game as you play.

When you are playing Ninja Star, you will be able to slash and kick your way through a slot machine universe that involves a ninja that is hidden most of the time. The ninja wants to help you with the game, but he does not always come out to help. You also need to remember that the game is going to make you wait to get the winnings that you are waiting for. Patience and savvy betting are the only things that are going to help you win at this game over the long term.