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Northern Lights Slot – WGS
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Northern Lights SlotDo you fancy the beauty that northern lights can avail? Well, this is one thing you will encounter in the Northern Lights Slot. This is a game that is designed with the user in mind and offers true beauty as most people would like to experience. All the features in this game are made perfectly to ensure maximum perfection. Northern Lights Slot is among the fastest growing games in the slots arena and is a game that every player finds addictive. The impressive interface coupled with the beautiful payouts makes the game a favorite to many players. There are five jackpots and this induces you to keep aiming at winning almost all of them. Every step comes with an interesting challenge that leaves you yearning to reach the next level. However, before moving online to play the game, you will have to get some information regarding the game.


Northern Lights Slot is composed of five reels and 25 paylines with a theme that lies more on the winter. It is based on the frozen north and the beauty of the game is derived from Aurora Borealis, a light phenomenon evident mostly in the cold Polar Regions. This induces a feeling of exploration where you are made to imagine yourself in those regions. You will also appreciate the presence of ice ad Eskimos which are a good part of the reels in the game. You will also encounter several symbols as used in the game. These include the polar bear, which is a wild symbol and helps you to embrace the jackpot.


The polar bear is a wild symbol that enables you to get a price if there appear three of them in a row on a payline. Despite the fact that Northern Lights Slot does not have free spins and a multiplier, you will be able to enjoy the game because of the uniqueness that comes with the setting and the theme. All you will need is to master the art that enables you to achieve your goal and you will have easy time playing the game.

With Northern Lights Slot, you are able to get a maximum jackpot of 6000 coins, which is an equivalent of $60,000. This is a pretty amount and no player would miss to embrace such a win. The betting range runs from $0.01 to $250 thereby offering a good stretch for different groups of players. You can place bets that fit with you size of your budget so long as you are within the bet range.


Northern Lights Slot is designed well to draw your interest even before embracing the game to play. The interface is characterized by some beautiful features and the Aurora Borealis, a light phenomenon evident in the Polar Regions. Some motion is depicted on the lights and this is attributed to the accumulation of charges in these Polar Regions. Every button that is meant to offer commands to the game is placed strategically to offer an easy navigation as you try to reach different tasks. Therefore, you are not exposed to some special rules or ambiguous procedures that may bar you from achieving your target.

This interface offers new player easy time while learning what the game is all about. You are able to learn gradually until the time you will be able to play like an expert. Notably in the game is the selection of sounds. All the sounds match perfectly with the game and there are no unnecessary disruptions that may force you to mute your system.

Free play

You need not worry about playing for free if you have some interest to learn about the game. All you need is to log on online to access the game. There are two modes and which will offer you an opportunity to play as you would wish. If you feel strong enough, you can opt for the pay mode where you are able to play for money depending on your budget. Moreover, you are also exposed to the free mode where you are able to play without necessarily having to spend a dime.

Depending on your level of expertise, you can choose between the two modes. There are no extra restrictions that may bar you from embracing the game. The free mode would be more preferable to new players. This would guarantee them an opportunity to get some skills that will later help them while playing for money. Note that there is no difference between the two modes. All features that are available for the game are included in both modes. Therefore, you are the one to choose what fits with you perfectly.


Northern Lights Slot is a perfect creation that houses not only novice players but also experienced players who would like to get a new challenge in the world of slot games. It is among the most enjoyable games you would find on any website.