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Ocean Oddities SlotAre you one of the many who enjoy the strange and wonderful world under the sea? If you love the strange and unique aspects of the ocean and playing slot machines, Ocean Oddities is the perfect game for you.

Graphics and Sound

The ocean vibe definitely comes through in this slot game. The opening screen of the game offers the feel of the ocean with elements that resemble sea sponges. The background is an underwater scene full of fun and bright colors. The music that plays during the game is a light and bouncy down south type of style with a fiddle and drum. It is upbeat and perfect for the fun atmosphere that the graphics express. Don’t be alarmed when the Dogshark barks at you and wags his tail when you land with him in the combination.

Reels and Pay Lines

This fun exploration of the world under the sea has 5-reels with the opportunity to place a bet on from one to 25 pay lines. This could result in winning the top reward of 40,000 coins or $200,000. Each pay line can be set to pay for as little as one cent and all of the way up to five dollars. Maximum bets on all pay lines will result in a maximum bet of $125.00 per spin.

Icons and Symbols

The symbols include a Kingfish dressed in a cloak and crown holding a scepter. The Dogshark named Rex is wearing a collar with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and he barks when he is activated. The wagging of his tail fin and typical circling action of a dog makes this character especially enlightening. Pearl symbols are colorful open shell clams with a large pearl on the inside which reads “free spins.” There are Flying Fish complete with aviator goggles, a scarf, and a moustache. There is also a menacing looking crustacean holding a no trespassing sign. A very happy looking snail riding on the back of a seahorse, complete with saddle wearing a number eight. There are also letters and numbers that represent the colorful sponges that are found under the sea.

Free Spins

For the lucky underwater visitor, they can win extra prizes and ten free spins with three pearls in a row when they land in the first, second, and third reel spots. During these bonus spins, if a Dogshark is landed on the reels, the prize amount is doubled. For a line up of four pearls the payout is ten times the winnings, and for a string of five pearl symbols, the payout is a whale of a payout at 50 times the winning amount of the line.

Wild Symbol

The comical Dogshark Rex is the symbol for the wild bonus. When the Dogshark falls on one of the pay line reels, it will automatically complete the winning line and pay the appropriate winnings.

Random Jackpots

At the top of the spinning reels are where the two random jackpot totals can be found. These amounts change constantly throughout the game and are awarded at no specific time or play amount on the game. There are two random jackpots available. One is a minor payout of $250.00, and the other is a major payout of $1,000.00. Being awarded either of these bonus amounts will certainly be a welcomed addition to the players treasure chest of winnings.

Auto Play and Auto Stop

This game comes with an auto play feature so that players can sit back and watch their winnings bubble up in their account. This feature will allow the player to select their betting amount and watch as the game unfolds without having to push the spin button manually. The game will automatically bet the same amount each time that the reels are spun. This auto play feature can be stopped at any time except during the bonus rounds. Players also have the opportunity to manually stop all of the reels by pressing the stop button. This can be done even after one or more of the reels have stopped.

For great underwater fun when playing slots, Ocean Oddities offers great prizes, super payouts, and a fun and comical look at the life and strange characters found underwater.