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Opera NightRight off the bat this game looses points because it makes you register before playing. I’m not a fan of any browser game that forces you to set up an account before you can even try to play. It just reeks of pay-to-play, which is something that annoys players in general. Now, because this is a casino, it can be forgiven because it doesn’t try to trick you into spending money. You know, going into it that you’re going to spend. So judged by the standard of a casino, rather than a browser game, this is to be expected. And at least the free registration doesn’t require a credit card, because I’ll tell you right now that I wouldn’t even have played at all if it had.

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Once the game loads, you’re treated to a cute flash intro of a soprano opera actress who seems to have a hard time keeping her tune, and has a panasonic-like moment where she actually uses her voice to break the conductor’s glasses. It’s a cute throw-away joke that sets the mood for a game that won’t take itself too seriously.

Opera, obviously, is known for it’s ability to tell a story through music. My favorite Opera, Repo, has a soundtrack that will leave you with a variety of emotions, that will follow you out of the theater, stay in your mind, and serve as a reminder of your experience for years. In all honesty, this game also does that- but in a bad way. Most people browse the internet with multiple tags open, and may be listening to something in a different tag while they play. This game has a repetitive soundtrack consisting of a single song, that I could not figure out how to turn off. That’s ridiculous. Most browser games have an obvious sound icon in the lower corner somewhere. This game forces you to just kind of power through the music if you want to play.

As far as the actual gameplay is concerned; it actually delivers everything it promised and more. After the cartoonish flash intro and the terrible music, I have to admit that I didn’t expect the gameplay to be so good. You can invest extra coins to get more lines, and thus a higher chance of winning, just like at a real casino. This brings in a skill aspect that one doesn’t normally find in browser slot machines. Normally, they tend to rely wholly on luck, and in the digital age, that can put players off. Players know that the graphics are generated, in some cases by a random number generator, and sometimes by an algorithm, and thus are less likely to play games based on “luck” alone without eventually accusing the AI of cheating. This is especially true if the player is using their own money, real cash spending money, on the game rather than digital currency.

All in all, this is an addictive game with the added element of skill and prediction that puts it a cut above some other browser slot machine simulators. But I could do without the unstoppable music. It’s repetitive and drowns out anything you might have open in another browser. But judged on sheer gameplay, it can not only stand up to the competition, but adds elements that puts it far in the lead. The graphics are cute and fun, and easy to read and distinguish, which is always a bonus. It loads quickly even on my laggy machine, which is unexpected, so I would assume on a high-end machine there would be no load screen to speak of. I wish that it didn’t force a registration just to try, but you would have to register to gamble anyway, so in this case it isn’t a deal-breaker. I would certainly recommend this game.