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Orc Vs. Elf Slot Machine Review
3.67 (73.33%) 3 votes

Orc vs Elf SlotThe battle battle between elves and orcs has become one of epic proportions and can now be found in a breathtaking 3D slot game. The timeless battle made famous by “The Lord of the Rings” comes to life in this amazing RTG slot machine. Feel the ageless wisdom and grace of the elves as it rises against the brute force of the massive and cruel orcs.

Play Orc vs Elf

Orc vs. Elf is a magnificent 25 reel slot machine. For one flat fee all the lines are made available to play and you are plunged into the fantasty world of the orcs and elves. The player is presented the opportunity to be a hero for either side, choosing carefully among the characters to find their match. Rich images and vast attention to detail has created a slot game that wraps the world of fantasy about the player and draws them into the game. The symbols are traditional to the realm from which elves and orcs wander. Unicorns, ominous, dark caves, and piles of skulls, along with others, can be found interwoven throughout the game. The 3D adds tremendous quality to the game.

Through play fierce battles ensue and brilliant animated scenes come to life for player enjoyment. The object, as with all slot games, is to match the reels across the game. Wild symbols can be found both as orcs and elves and can help to expand the reel to increase chance of winning.Orc vs. Elf slot game is a richly woven tapestry of fantasy, fiction, and fun. Players can choose to be the hero for either side and embrace the battle between them. Attention to detail has created a realm so realistic that the player is easily immersed in the game. With a wealth of wild symbols that increase chances of winning, Orc vs Elf is a 3D fantasy game that is truly fantastic.