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Paco and the Popping Peppers SlotPaco and the Popping Peppers is an exciting online slot game with a fun theme full of spice. As the wind blows and a lonely tumbleweed rolls by, the introduction video explains that the game is set in a depressed town. It seems that there is just one person who can bring cheer. At that time, Paco emerges with a musical greeting and is joined by a dancing onion and peppers. Onions, peppers and piñatas are examples of the colorful icons that decorate the reels of the game. Hut icons are also featured and lead to special bonuses, while piñatas serve as wild icons.

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Paco is featured prominently in the game, and his snoring can be heard until he wakes up and encourages players to continue spinning. As Paco waits for a player to spin, he continues to stand to the side of the reels and asks “are you taking a siesta?” or dozes off himself. Paco is a bright contrast to the gloom of the town, and he is dressed for a fiesta as he encourages players by playing his guitar.

The popping peppers live up to their name as they pop when a player does well. When a spin results in a winning combination of at least three icons, the matching icons will dissolve into an outpouring of confetti. Once these icons have dissolved into the confetti, new icons fall down to replace the ones that have popped. This can immediately result in additional winnings. Paco continues to cheer players on by playing the guitar. The game features a winnings multiplier and each consecutive winning combination results in multiplied winnings. A gage to the side of the reels keeps track of what level multiplier is being applied to the current spin. When three hut icons appear, the player is rewarded with a bonus round. During the bonus round, cards are displayed and the goal is to pick a higher card than the one on display.
Since a piñata is a wild icon, it can be used in place of any icon to create a winning combination. Matching piñatas can also result in a win. Five piñatas on a line rewards players with the highest jackpot possible.

The design of the game is attractive and easy to learn quickly. Paco and the Popping Peppers features five reels that are spread across three rows. There are a total of thirty lines to bet on. Since icons fall and are replaced, it is possible to win more than once with one spin. It is best to play all of the lines, since this also increases the chances of a win. The max bet option is displayed on a guitar icon at the bottom of the screen, while other game options such as spinning and selecting lines are shown with drum icons.

Paco and the Popping Peppers is an extremely entertaining option for playing slots online. The graphics are engaging and humorous. Mexican themed music plays in the background for the duration of the game, but it can be turned off if preferred. The peppers, onions and pineapples icons make facial expressions as they wait for the spin to happen. Paco’s enthusiastic attitude creates a fun storyline and his comments are amusing. Bets can range from $0.02 to $1.00, and they can easily be changed by clicking the drum below the reels.

The game also has an autoplay feature, so players who do not want to manually spin can select their choices using this automatic play option. Once the number of lines, bet per line and coin value are chosen, then a number of automatic spins can be selected.

There are many features of the game that lead to winnings and make it exciting to spin. The chance to win multiple times as icons pop and are replaced means that jackpots are easily within reach. One spin can lead to a chain reaction of winnings. The multiplier can cause a prize to be multiplied up to a factor of ten as winning combinations occur in succession. The wild icon, the piñata, makes spinning a winning combination even easier. The chance to score big in a bonus round provides a further chance to gain winnings. With so many ways to win, Paco and the Popping Peppers is a game that is truly full of pop!