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Parrot Party Slot – WGS
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Parrot Party SlotParrot Party Slot, as the name says it, will drive you in full party moods. This is among the games that you will always play more than once because the enjoyment derived from playing the game will always keep you yearning for more. Well, for new players, you will not have some difficult moments while trying to play the game. You only need to get some basic information regarding the game and you are good to go. Note that it is designed with the aim of availing simplicity yet evoking unimaginable exhilaration.

Experienced players will always find Parrot Party Slot their best friend when it comes to choice of online slots. This is not because of the fact that it is basically designed with an impressive interface, but mainly because of the series of activities that are involved in the game. You may need to learn more about this game before going online to play. Read on to get all information that can shed some light to your needs.


Parrot Party Slot is made up of five reels and 25 paylines thereby offering you are wide range of wins if compared to other games in the slots arena. You will not necessarily need to download any software for the game but you are able to play online with your browser. What you need is to ensure that you are connected well to the internet and that the network is strong enough to guarantee you a flawless execution of various roles.

You are exposed to different bet sizes with the minimum being $0.25. The maximum bet size is $250 and which allows you to get away with the biggest prices for the game. Therefore, your skills matter a lot as far as winning is concerned in this game. Upon attaining five red parrots, you will be able to embrace the biggest win which is 12,500 coins an equivalent of $125,000. This is a pretty awesome win. The other wins you will be able to embrace is the second jackpot which runs after attaining 5000 coins an equivalent of $50,000. There is also the last jackpot which adds up to 1250 or an equivalent of $12,500.


Among special features in the game is slot symbols which avail a unique touch and feeling as you play on. These include the blue and red parrots, guitars, Rum not forgetting some card symbols. This is not all; you will also get a wild symbol which is in the form of a bird house and would only appear on the second and fourth reels thereby offering a winning combination. You are also able to set yourself a limit of the amount of money you are willing to bet lest you lose more than you can contain in your budget. This offers room for you to plan well on how you would wish to execute your bets yet maintaining your budget and without the risk of losing in the early stages.

Bonus round

The bonus round is basically meant to offer you some free spins of the game. One advantage with the bonus winnings is that they are combined with the total winnings and this gives you a chance to embrace the jackpot. The size of the jackpot that you will walk away with mainly depends on the size of your bet. This could go as high as 200 coins which is an equivalent of $50,000.

Awesome interface

One thing you will learn about Parrot Party Slot is the perfectly designed interface to match with the requirements of the game. Every color and sound that is used in the game offers you a reason to believe that the developer was concerned with giving the best for all players to appreciate. For instance, all command buttons that are meant to guide you in executing different roles are placed strategically to ensure no flaws may be encountered in the process of playing the game.

There are no unnecessary sounds as seen in some games that may trigger you to press the mute button as you play. Every inculcation is a perfect match with what most players would wish to encounter in a perfect game. Therefore, you are assured of a peaceful environment that will rather encourage you to move on with the game in all the different stages.

This online slot game offers you an opportunity to relax as you earn more coins. All you need is some basic information about the game to help you while playing. There are no complicated rules that may lock you out from playing Parrot Party Slot.


Parrot Party Slot is an awesome game that lets you embrace some enjoyable moments while earning some coins. This is a game that favors both experienced players as well as novices who may have some interest to learn what the game is all about.