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Pharaoh's Gold SlotWhen you come to play Pharaoh’s Gold, you need to make sure you know which version you are playing. There is a 15-line version and a 10-line version. The version you use is going to dictate what you are going to do when you are spinning and placing your bets. Look over how the game works, and you can decide which version you want to play. You can interact with the kings, queens and pyramids in a place that brings you close to a desert odyssey that you might not get anywhere else.

The Wilds

When you are playing the game, you need to keep your eye out for wilds. The wilds are really the only thing in the game that are going to help you win. You can bet on the paylines and hope for the best, but it is very hard to get any winning combinations on this game. You want to make sure you are looking out for where the wilds turn up and how often.

When you get good combinations of wilds, you will be able to win more money. However, you cannot depend on wilds all the time. It is best that you spend some time considering what you need to do to win. Each and every bet is money that you are putting on the line, and you need to be considerate before you place a bet.


You cannot bet on this game in large numbers just because you feel like it. The game itself is very addictive. You will find yourself betting a large amount of money if you are simply spinning the wheel over and over. You might go to some interesting desert lands, but you could lose a lot of money in the process. You should place modest bets until you understand how the game works. When you have a better understanding of the game, you will be able to place larger. However, this is not the game that you lay all your money down on because you could lose that money quickly.

The Pharaoh

When you are waiting for the Pharaoh to appear, you need to make sure that you are looking over the other parts of the game to see what is happening. You will be able to double your winning or more if you run into the Pharaoh, but he is not going to turn up in every game. Some people could spin the wheel hundreds of times without seeing him turn up. You want to make sure you are banking on the wilds in the game and betting with some modesty.

The Adventure

You are taken through an adventure in the desert when you play the game. You will move from your simple life as a peasant to see the pyramids and all the rulers of the land. You can get caught up in the game easily, and you may want to place small bets so that you can get through the game without losing all your money.

There are some people that will place one cent bets when they are getting started in the game, and they will begin to place larger bets as they get deeper into the world of the Pharaoh. You must remember that this is a game that is more concerned with the adventure that the winnings on every reel. If you are looking for a traditional slot machine, this is not the place for you.

You will be able to enjoy a great deal of fun in the world of the deserts, pyramids and rules of Egypt when you are playing Pharaoh’s Gold. This game is really exciting because you have to depend on wilds and hope that the Pharaoh is going to bless you with his presence. The game helps you become a modest gambler who thinks carefully before spinning the wheel, and you can win money when you play the game the right way.