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Pigskin PayoutI like the start of the game because there is no music but the sound of a large crowd at a football game. It sounded real. You could hear the chant of someone’s name that I couldn’t quite make out being yelled repeatedly until it reaches a crescendo and then starts all over again. The pay table was my next stop. I needed to know how the payouts work.

Play Free Pigskin Payout – 20 Paylines

It looks like the cheerleader is the biggest payout with 5 winning you 7500 credits. 5 jackpots are next to win 1000 credits. If you get scatter, then you get up to 25 no lose spins. Nice. All the rest of the icons are – an alligator mascot, referee, linebacker, quarterback, giant #1 sponge hand, some fries and a drink, a hand getting ready to hike the ball and the fifty yard line. The wins range from 1500 credits with 5 quarterbacks to 50 for 5 of the #1 sponge hand. It’s got lines. There are 20 of them. I don’t really like playing lines with some games because they are too busy. But the lines on this game were cool. You can only bet 10 coins at the most and their value is one cent, five cent, ten cent and twenty five cents. After checking out the pay table, I checked out the buttons for coins, lines and max bet. They were easy to see and of course the spin was a football.

As you spin the band starts to play music until the spin stops. But the best part is the crowd continues to chant and shout. I love that about the sound it made the game real. It also made the game more fun. On my first spin at max bet I got 3 #1 sponge, and 2 fries with a drink that have animation showing them spilling. I also got three fifty yard line icons. And the animation for this is the coolest because you see a football being thrown to the fifty yard line and 3 football players hit and tackle each other. You actually hear them hit, crash and grunt. I think I also heard something break. It was a laugh out loud moment when I first heard it. It actually made the game even more interesting.

I like the animation action for all the icons as you play the game. As you hear the crowd this game gets better. The cheerleader and mascot dance when you get them. It was cool when I got 3 stadiums because I won 5 free spins with a 3x multiplier. I won 1300 credits with the bonus spin but the best part is every spin was a winner. The cheerleader danced and cheered during the bonus. I really like this game. When you get 3 quarterbacks, he actual dances in the pocket and then you see him falling down like he is being tackled.

When I got the referee, I jumped because he actually blows his whistle with a little animation action. Nice, I like that detail in a game because it keeps it interesting. After I won the linebacker, his animation starts and shows him running toward you and then you hearing a crashing tackle, lights out. The screen actually goes black. I loved it. The other really cool icon that has great animation is the blackboard with a play written on it. The x and o really move in the motion of the play. Cool beans. I like that.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone. I will be playing this one when I feel like the energy and action of a football game. My biggest win was over 1000 credits and I got a couple of them within an hour which shows the game has decent payouts. Another good thing is that I did win throughout the game even though they were not big payouts. I’ll be back to see how big I can blow this game open.