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Pirate's PillageWhen you sit down to play Pirate’s Pillage, you are getting a taste of some of the simplest slot machines that were used back in the old days of Las Vegas. You may not be be familiar with these slot machines because they are not in style online, but you will get a challenge from this game as you learn what you must do to win this interesting take on the old slot.

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The Pirate

The pirate stands right to the side the entire time the game is going on. He is constantly looking at you wondering if you are going to take his challenge. When you take the pirate’s challenge, you are doing much more than simply spinning the reels to find out what you are going to win. The pirate offers you a card that you can scratch off on the screen to win extra prizes. If you are lucky, you will win before you ever spin the reels.

The Reels

When the reels are spinning, you simply need to match three to be a winner. The game itself is simple, but the tokens that you see on the reels are interesting. You will be able to match gold, treasure and your very own treasure map to be a winner. These items are harder to predict because you are not used to using them in other games. However, it is more exciting to see treasure chests filled with gold fill up your screen when you are winning.

The Bonuses

The bonuses come mainly from the cards that the pirate offers you when the game starts. The pirate is offering you a way to get started well, and these cards are going to help you win extra when you start playing the game. You need to take advantage of them whenever you can so that you can increase your winnings.

The bonuses also come when you are spinning the reels during the game. When you get certain combinations on the reels, you will be able to win even more than you thought possible. Though the game only offers you three reels, you are going to have many chances to win at the game if you are consistent in your play.

The Graphics

The graphics in the game are what set it apart from other games. When you played the slot machines of old, you only had the images on the reels that you could use to match. However, this game is filled with nuance that you do not get with other games. The island by the sea where the pirate has docked his ship is a beautiful place with gorgeous trees and coconuts. There is the sound of the ocean breeze, and you can see the wind blowing through all the trees. The pirate himself is standing right in front of you, and he is still adorned in the old navy uniform that he wore before he became a pirate.

You will be able to see the twinkling of all the treasures and gold that are in the game, and even the maps are detailed when you match them. The game itself allows you to play something that looks like a gorgeous video game without being stuck playing a video game that lasts forever. This is a game that takes you from one spin to the next with ease. If you win free spins, you will keep going. If you do not win free spins, you need start over.

You can play Pirate’s Pillage to have the most fun you have had gaming, but you need to remember that it is more than just a game. It is an experience that gives you a great many graphics and images that make the game more fun to play along with many chances to win.