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Pocket Casino App for Iphone & Ipad
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Pocket Casino

Playing slot machines at a real casino is great if you prefer authenticity. However, the introduction of online slot machines completely blew away the land-based competition. In fact, according to statistics, you have a higher chance of winning with online slot machines than those in land-based casinos. You can also enjoy playing slot machines for free online if you do not feel confident enough to put your money on the line, something that is not possible with real world casinos.

Online slots have evolved and adapted to the dominant use of mobile devices by players. Most of the sites are mobile-friendly, so you do not need a computer to play. With the release of Slot Machine Online – Pocket Casino, you can now enjoy playing slots in your iPhone or iPad for free without even connecting to the internet. All you need to do is download the app into your iPhone or iPad.

Why And How To Play This Game

If you are new to slots, you surly want to know how you can play using this application. Unlike games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, slot machines are simple and fun to play especially with this new application, which is a fruit machine. A newcomer can easily pickup the game. In general, fruit machines are highly entertaining and fun to play making them extremely popular. This fruit machine is skilled-based unlike other types of slot machines, and offers unique features that distinguish it from the rest. A button marked nudge’ on this slot machine is crucial in the way you will play the game. Here is a summary of how the game goes:

§ When the game starts, you are awarded a hold or a nudge which determines how you will play

§ If you are given a hold, it will enable you to hold up to 3 of the reels to keep them still during spinning

§ If you get a nudge, will be able to move up to 3 of the reels so that you can find and complete a winning combination

Main Features Of This Slot Machine

The Slot Machine Online – Pocket Casino is not an average fruit machine. The developer went out of his way to offer users as many components as possible to make the game even more exciting and fun. Once you download and install the game, it takes you literally seconds to begin playing. It is completely secure to use. You can enjoy playing the game without an internet connection. It is small, fast and user-friendly. It offers you a great opportunity to kill time while in transit or waiting for something. Here are some of the main features of this fruit machine:

Hold Feature: Then hold feature on this application allows you to hold several of the reels on your next spin. You can also be able to hold the reels for several spins, to increase your chances of striking a winning combination.

Nudge Feature: This component allows you to move one or more reels, on your next spin or even for multiple spins. They are the best chances for making a winning combination. The app will show the Nudges on the pay line. You can get more nudges through bonuses as you continue to win.

Bonus Trail Feature: You will be able to activate this feature at random intervals while playing the game. The bonus board consists of stars, circles, squares and other shapes. Each place and shape has a feature or prize on it. Some of the bonuses include multiplying your winnings, getting more nudges, and many others.

Gamble Feature: After every win, the game will give you an option to gamble your wins. You can place a lower bet or a higher bet. What makes this feature exciting is that the correct guess doubles your winnings but the wrong guess can make you lose everything. But don’t think too hard, you are not playing for real money, and you have unlimited free coins at your disposal.

Cash Pot: Even though this application is free to play, it has a cash pot so that players can have the full experience of online slot machines without risking real money. The more you play and win, the more cash you accumulate.