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Princess Jewels Slot – WGS
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Princess Jewels SlotPrincess Jewels slot is among the most well programmed games that you can find online in any gaming website. It is specially made to hold you on your screen trying to get more of it. For new players, you will have an ample avenue where you can enjoy not forgetting that you will get to learn eventually. Therefore, this game does not require some special skills to play. All you need is some basic skills that are aimed at directing you in the whole process. Well, this is not all that entails the game. You may need to learn more about this game before getting to your computer to play it online. Read on to get some facts that may shed some light to your zeal for information about it.


Princess Jewels Slot is a five reel game that is designed to favor girls and women who may be interested in online slots. It is composed of nine paylines and offers you an opportunity to embrace bonus payouts on playing three rounds. It also features different symbols that make the game unique. For instance, you will encounter some gem stones and diamonds as well as sapphires which make part of the symbols in the game. Upon making a winning combination, the gem stones signal by making an impressive glitter to show you have earned some points.

Bonus game

To get the bonus advantage, you are required to go through three spins that are aimed at picking gem stones that hold different values. On the interface, you are exposed to a huge wheel that is covered all around with gem stones and their values are stated on a separate bar on your right. Therefore, on spinning and pointing out one of the stones, it will be placed on another bar on the right and after three such spins, the combination is used to give the final bonus result.


The interface in any game offers the most important feature to every player. This is the first thing that you will get to spot even before exploring to know what the game entails. Well, you may be surprised by the way Princess Jewels Slot is designed because you will be attracted to play the game immediately upon opening its interface. It is factual that games that have an impressive interface are interesting to play. This is definitely what you will embrace with Princess Jewels Slot. The colors used on the interface are cool and will not disturb your eyes as you play.

Among the benefits you are assured because of this type of an interface is ease at which you are able to navigate through different stages. For new players, you will not face some hard time accessing some basic commands. Everything is placed strategically to enable you to play well as you would wish. What’s more? There are no unnecessary sounds that may discourage you from playing the game. All the sounds used in the game match perfectly with all the roles and steps that you embrace. Generally, you can derive pleasure playing this game.

Feel like a princess

Ranging from the beautiful animations and graphics, to the best sounds and features, Princess Jewels Slot evokes a feeling of one being a queen. Actually, this is an awesome creation that any woman or girl would like to play. All colors were selected with the sole aim of availing some beauty and a feeling of peaceful ambiance. Everything you will encounter welcomes you to embrace the feeling of being a princess. You may not acknowledge the worth of this game until the time you will get some time to play it.

Free games

While most people would like to play for money, not everyone may have the experience and courage to do so. Therefore, this game offers you an opportunity to embrace some games at absolutely no charges. This feature is mostly useful to people who would not like to risk a part of their money. However, this is not to mean you cannot try playing for money. There is the alternative mode where you are able to play for money depending on your confidence and knowledge of the slot. This is mainly recommended to players who have been to the field of online slots for some time to avoid regrets at the end of the process in case of loss. Moreover, you can try this if you have the guts to challenge fear of loss. Most players prefer playing for money despite the risk of loss that is involved in this mode.

For new players who have not experienced the game before, it is important to try the free version for some time so as to gain some experience that can usher you to the other mode where you are able to play for money.


Princess Jewels Slot is an awesome game that not only offers convenience to new players but also caters for experienced players who may be driven by the zeal to make some money or even to enjoy. This is a game you will play more than once yet desire to get more of it.