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Rain Dance SlotI’m going to be honest with this game. This is for those who are into doing high-risk things. If you like placing high best and taking things to the next level every time, this game is going to be for you. Rain Dance is not for those who like to play it safe. If playing it safe fits your personality, it’s best to move on to another slot machine game. You won’t get any enjoyment out of it, I’m just saying.

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This game is brought to you by the folks who brought you RTG. If you have already been engaging in other games from RTG, you will find this one enjoyable too. It’s got a 20 payline and a 5 reel slot.


This is a game that is soaked with Indian overtones. You have got native American Indians and other tribes. With this review I’m going to be honest with you right away. There is no guarantee you will win. This can be said about any game you get involved with. In life there is never a guarantee and this game isn’t any different.

The only thing you can be assured of is a traditional Indian experience. Everything else is going to be a gamble. Even the Indian experience is based “loosely” on actual tribal events and characteristics. For those of you who know about Indian culture, you might find some of the characteristics not fully based on true detail. Even I was looking at some of it going, “Oh, come on!”

It’s a game people. It’s meant to be entertaining. It’s meant to improve your luck with winning, nothing more.


While it does have some good strong solid value, the game itself is somewhat dated. I’m sorry to tell you guys this. This is a review, after all. I’m trying to be as honest as possible. Another thing that is lacking presence is music. Usually in games like this, there is some sort of background noise playing. Even if at times the music is lame and dated too. Rain Dance is completely void of music. Don’t go into this game expecting some sort of musical rain dance to happen. You are wasting your time if you do.


It’s got symbols like dream catchers, teepees, Indian chiefs and things of that nature. The coyote and chief symbols offer your only chance for bonus rounds. Pay attention to those two specifically. These two symbols also offer a chance for me pretty cool extra spins. The extra spins can get you up to 100 free rounds. Not many games will offer this. This is one inventive I find worth the time it takes to get involved with Rain Dance.


It’s not really that complicated. All you do is set the “bet” and “line” button to place your wager. Hit “spin” to put the reels in motion. Once this happens, keep your eyes peeled for the coyote and chief symbols. I told you above these symbols are the ones you need to watch out for.

If you want to get “free spins”, look for the coyote symbol. The coyote will be the one to give you them. If you get more then three in a row, you have pretty much struck gold.

With the free spins you also have some bonus rounds. As you get free spins, you have the chance to take this into a bonus round. This bonus round will give you up to 100 free spins.

The chief is the other one I mentioned as a point of interested. The chief will appear in the 1st and 5th boxes. The chief is what I like to refer to as the “scatter” symbol. This symbol can be used to replace an lower symbol. The lower symbols are the ones you want to get rid of. These are the symbols which won’t do you any good. Plus, these symbols are also good at doubling your odds. A scatter symbol can take a 20 and double it to at least 40.


Rain Dance might not appear to be such a big deal; but, there is something special about it. It’s got a special quality around it, something that makes you want to continue playing. In my experience, not many games have this quality. Rain Dance is one of the few that does.