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Reel Crime1 Bank HeistImagine that you are robbing a bank while playing, but you are actually in it for real money, so that you can really grab some cash as a result of this totally virtual robbery as you play. I-slots give you an opportunity to combine the video game excitement of proceeding to the next level or stage of the machine with striking some Are you ready to start making real money off those “reel games” you play online? Then you should test your luck with Bank Heist.

Play Free Western Wildness – 15 Payline

This online slot machine offers more than just some winning combinations. You also have a back-story that serves to introduce you to the gaming play. You watch the brief movie. Well, actually it’s more a clip than a movie, but it gives you an idea of what the “slots plot” is intended to be.

You begin by watching a story unfold-cartoon style. Similar to an old Dick Tracy movie. The scenes remind you of the 1930s-1940s eras. The music is punctuated by the rapid firing sounds of a machine gun and bullet holes suddenly appear onscreen.

Use your imagination and you will soon be immersed in an adventure that can result in future or some cold, hard currency that you can place in any local bank. It’s fun, and the action encourages you to begin playing. You want to play because it is more like being in a video game-that offers an awesome payoff.

You are told that the 4 stages include

casing the bank and surroundings/obtaining a key
getting into the bank
blowing up the vault
making a “smooth criminal” getaway
*If you get caught then the bank heist has to begin all over again

There is an onscreen map to follow that helps you track the action and understand what is going to be happening. Pictures flash as the reels go into action. Burglars (the bank robbers), police cars, handcuffs, bank-busting dynamite and diamond tipped drills roll into place. Can you make the matches that will bring you closer to pulling off a certified Bank Heist?

You get to pick up bonuses during the spins that include

tommy guns
brass knuckles
extra loot

This is an interactive adventure that delivers enough fun to keep you clicking your way through reel after reel. The pictures on the reels are made for comedic value, but there is something immensely appealing about the cartoon drawings.

Four different stages that include the following gaming features

15 action filled lines
5 reels
play 1 cent all the way up to 1 dollar
the Gamble
free spins
up to 4 free bonus rounds
scatter symbols

Jackpot payouts of 10,000 are more than enough incentive to get a player to give this game a go. The 10,000 prize is just the start. This is what you win if you are only feeding the slot a single coin for each of the lines. The more coins you are willing to wager then the higher the jackpot is going to go. You can multiply your coins by the 10,000 figure and this will tell you how much you can win. For instance 5 coins would equal 5 x 10000, or a 50,000 jackpot prize.

As with many other online slot games there are the scatter symbols which can help you get bonuses. When you put your coins in and make the roll you are going to hope that at least a trio of these special symbols will show up once the reels have stopped rolling.

If your spin has 3 of the symbols showing on the screen then you get a total of 10 bonus spins. You don’t pay anything to pull the handle for the upcoming ten spins. You also receive a payout that is equal to the amount you bet. You can’t change your stake until after those 10 free turns have been taken.

The number of bonus spins will increase if you have more than 3 “scatters” showing on the screen. A total of 4 of these bonus symbols will payout 20 times your initial stake bet and this increased payment will last until your 25 bonus spins have been used.

Get 5 symbols in a single spin and you will have 25 bonus spins. Your payout for these bonus spins will be 25 times your initial bet.

In my experience the scatter symbols seem to come up quite often, but the most I have gotten has been 3 symbols at any one time.

For those with the urge to challenge Lady Luck the Gamble should be one of the most intriguing of the game’s features. Any time there is a winning combo onscreen you get two options. You can try to multiply your total winnings by 4 or go for the gamble where you have a 50/50 shot of coming up the winner. You are limited to 5000 or less whenever you are playing the Gamble.

This was my favorite feature by far. You even have a good chance of winning no matter which of the two options you choose. Now that is what makes an online slot game worth your time and effort-a good chance of winning.