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Reel Crime2 Art HeistThis game started out a little hilarious and fun with the introduction. I found myself laughing at the beginning. It’s like two bungling idiot friends are actually trying to rob a bank. The color theme was good but the lines and coins buttons were a dark purple although you could still read them. They were located in the usual place on the bottom in the center of the play screen. It’s about 2 brothers who are trying to pull off a historic art heist. That explains why the picture was funny. One brother is fat and the other is skinny. There is a game map on the top left and the pay table is on the top right. The game map has a really cool lay out. It has icons that show you where you are in the game and that icon is animated. But no matter how long you play the game the position never moves. The plot is when you pick a painting the heist begins to steal it. Get 3 heist icons and win a bonus round.

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It’s got low payouts. The most is for a pair of pictures worth 500 everything else is 100. You would have to play the max bet to win big. The music sounds sneaky but when you spin there’s a little horn being blown. I got the bonus spin and went behind a curtain for a small heist. I won 350 credits. As you play and win the game highlights the winning square with purple and gold. I like how when you win the balance window shows the last win amount because a picture of each winning icon pops up with the amount you won. This game could be fun if it did more with the characters after they win. There is some small animation with one of the crooks blinking his eyes. But it could use more animation to help it with a 3D effect. I got 2 of the Mona Lisa a few times and that’s like a bonus win. I kept expecting the game to do something more. I played max bet for about 20000 credits to see if I could open up the game. But nothing so I went back to the regular spin to see if I could break it open. I finally got the 3 napoleon dude and won 750 credits. That was more like it.

I kept winning the same pictures and the sound the reel made when it was spinning started to distract me. So when I really listened to the sound it was like a lock clicking. This game started out with a lot of promise but died because it loses you. The pay outs are not the biggest. The music and animation is very limited. The plot is stalled or appears to be non-existent. As soon as I was about to give up I got 3 new pictures that looked like a Picasso and won 750 credits. I never got the 3 in a row forger to see what would happen then. I didn’t even get the 3 reel crime tiles after over an hour of play. And after reading the pay table the 3 crime tiles are what you need to play the heist of the paintings.

This game would be interesting if you could win more money with bigger bets and larger payouts. And they really need to do something about the music. After an hour I couldn’t wait to turn it off. The last part that started out strong but lost the juice is the plot. The plot falls flat and unfortunately so does this game. Unless you have forever to get to the good part then what’s the point. Yeah I know winning is but it should fun and interesting along the way. This game proved to be a disappointment. I was expecting it to have this real heist but it never happened.