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Reel of Fortune Slot – Rival
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Reel of Fortune SlotReel of Fortune is refreshingly simple and quite addictive. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with two other people, this game keeps it fresh. The mechanics are refined, easy to manipulate, and the presentation is fun and approachable. All you have to do is jump in.

You have five spins to make it work; that is assuming you don’t lose a turn in the process. Spin the wheel, make your money, and pick a letter. Sounds like a simple concept, but Reel of Fortune throws some landmines in for good measure. Landing on a bankrupt slot never felt so bad. Various score multipliers and bonus rounds bring a nice balance and an element of surprise to the game.

Play Reel of Fortune – 20 Paylines

Playing with others is really where the competitive edge comes in. Three rounds turns into a mad scramble to spin, guess, and solve your way to victory. Reel of Fortune keeps you guessing with relevant and solvable puzzles. With categories like: Author & Title, Movies, Classic TV, Food & Drink, Landmarks, and the list goes on; you’ll find that maybe you know a little more than you think you do, but that won’t stop you from biting your nails when you realize you’re stumped.

The game brings a creative flare with its ‘Create Your Own Puzzle’ mode. This mode is a great addition to the main game. Feeling like you want to watch your friends struggle to figure out your dastardly puzzle? Then this is for you. The great thing about this mode is its accessibility, like the rest of the game; all you have to do is jump in. It works just like you might expect; select a category and then layout your puzzle for others to guess. Hours of fun can be had just testing out friend’s puzzles. However, if you just want to take it easy and play till you lose, the game accommodates your needs with the ‘Bonus Rounds’ mode. Pick eight letters and guess your way to success.

Reel of fortune really does pack a whole experience into a flash game, to be enjoyed at the click of a button. This game can make anyone excited to spin and solve.