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Reel PartyIt’s December 31st, and everyone knows what that means. It’s a day that’s celebrated around the world, and at this point, most of us are ready for our fresh starts and chances to start a new and become what we were afraid to be last year. On New Year’s Eve, it’s no surprise that you’re going to want to go out, party, do a little drinking, and have a good time with your friends as you await the countdown on the screen of the clock just waiting to strike midnight.

Play Free Reel Party – 15 Paylines

From Rival Gaming comes Reel Party, which game play shows you a story of the transition starts from the ending of one year and the beginning of another. The concept of the games theme is unique and well put together, and allows you to party out the fun of the New Years during any season, and or time of the year for free.

Reel Party Tidbits

Reel Party slots is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot machine game that features videos, free spins, wild and scatter buttons and even a bonus game for the players that stick it out until the end. The game strives to give you as much entertainment as your New Year’s Eve party would be—but this time, you can do it from your pajamas and the comfort of your own home!

The game has over 32 different combinations that you can take away and win from, and various symbols for winning – all of which are New Year’s Eve themed. Such as a pair of trumpets, beers, a taxi, wine, party food, a hat, revelers a baby, and even a device that marks the approach of midnight.

The baby represents the wild symbol, and there are two separate scatter symbols – a bottle of champagne and a white-haired man with a scythe (who we presume to be father time). The bonus symbol is represented by the champagne. Get three or more of these symbols and trigger the Reel Party Bonus Feature! Get three or more of the Father Time icons to appear on an enabled payline, and you’ll will a free spin feature. The more icons, the triple the amount of free spins. Simple enough, right? It’s possible to re-trigger the spins if you land on more scatters.

The Bonus Game

Every good slot game comes equipped with a bonus game, right? In Reel Party, the bonus game is unlocked when you get three or more of the champagne bonus symbols to appear on your payline. When this happens, the Reel Party Bonus feature will appear, and that’s where you’ll be taken.

Once here, you’ll see 12 champagne bottles in your line of vision, and it’s your goal to open three of them—no more, no less. Every bottle that you open has a cash prize that you will be awarded with that’s added to your total payout. After you pick the three bottles, you’ll automatically be brought back to the main game and continue where you left off.

Tips While Playing Reel Party

Your features are triggered by the scatter symbols. This will help you if you’re looking to minimize your stake and play with only one payline, as opposed to the original amount that you had chosen. But this comes with a price, like any other slot game. If you lower the amount of paylines that you have, this will mean that any prizes you acquire during the game will be proportionately less, meaning your payout will be less in the long run.

But if you can only manage a certain number of paylines, this will work perfectly for you and your style of game play.

Final Words

With campy graphics and sound effects, the game wasn’t over all the best that I had ever played. But, it did do a good job of keeping me playing, and focusing on the task at hand. If you’re looking for a few hours to pass by, this is the perfect game to pick up.