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Regal Riches SlotDo you love the Elizabethan era in history? Have you always enjoyed seeing the decadents and all of the luster and show of this style? If so, you might want to try out the Regal Riches Slot machine. This machine is truly amazing and allows you to have an amazing time playing the game. Now, it is like many other traditional video slot machine games that have five reels and 25 lines. With all of that being said, it is something you should look into. The game does work in both the United States and in Europe, so it does not matter where you live, or where you travel to. It is possible to play the game no matter what.

You are going to have mostly European based images and icons used throughout the game. This includes symbols like castles, lyres, jewels and crowns, all while featuring a mostly medieval design. If you are a fan of heading off to your local Renaissance festival, this might be something you will like. Of course, if you are not a fan of the music and it starts to bug you, you are always able to just mute the speakers, should you want.

There are different free spin and bonuses you should look into with the game. There are all sorts of ways to improve your winnings. Of course, as is the case with any other slot machine game, this is something you need to look at before you move ahead with it. You might find it to be incredibly lucky or you might not. It really is just up to you and how you play. When you play the game, you want to land the Elizabeth card. This is the wild symbol and it only appears in the third reel. When you land this icon, you are able to swap it in for any other icon that might appear, so it improves your chances on winning. There is a scatter symbol which is the fountain. There are three or more scattered fountains on the board, and should you land at least three at once, you are going to start up with the free spins.

The free spins give you a random number of free spins. There really is no saying how many or how few you might obtain, but you can receive up to 25 free spins awarded to you. With every spin you make, you increase your possible multiplier by one, so it is possible to bump up you winnings here. There is also a random jackpot while you play, and this can be triggered at any time. You don’t even need to win or have any sort of a winning combination in order to land the jackpot. There is a minor and major jackpot that grow as you play, so having the progressive jackpot is nice little feature to have, although many video slot machines of this variety have the same feature as well.

While you plan, there are different coin sizes you can bet. It does feature the regular penny slot option, so you can just bet a single penny on a single line and only bet a penny at a time. Now, you can increase this, and even if you bet a penny on all the lines, you are only going to be betting a quarter at a time. Beyond this, you can bet up to $5 at a time, which also increases the amount of money you might bet to $125 as the maximum bet allowed.

If you are looking for a video slot machine, this is an option that you may enjoy. It doesn’t have anything that is substantially different than the other games out there, so it really comes down to your personal preference, whether you like the style of the game and if you feel lucky playing it. For some, the feel of the medieval events might be perfect and something that keeps them coming back, while other people might really distaste the style. Because it is so similar to other games, you really need to just try it out and see if this is something that you actually like or if it is something you would rather just avoid all together when you bet.