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Play Free Rival Gaming Slots

After spending years researching and creating software that could compete with the top gambling software of the era, Rival Gaming presented their finished product at the 2006 Global iGaming Summit & Expo. Almost instantly, it was obvious that this new upstart meant business. Online casinos powered by the software began to proliferate within just a few months. Eight years after their launch, Rival software is being used to power more than 40 major Internet casinos, and the company’s 140+ games have proven popular with players worldwide.


The Rival Gaming Mission

Every software company worth their salt is driven by a vision that shines through in everything they do and every innovation they offer. Rival’s philosophy guides them to create games that will draw gamblers tired of the same old tired themes. On a second front, they have remained committed to providing support for the online casinos that run their software, working closely with operators to ensure that both parties succeed.

There were a number of aspects of Rival software that were immediately attractive to fledgling operators, not the least of which was the friendlier backend. Rival software allowed operators to stamp out fraudulent players in a way that many of the top casino gaming companies did not. Of course, Rival’s strategy also included attracting website owners willing to provide marketing in exchange for management, profit processing, and support. This made it easier for investors with little experience in the gambling world to succeed.

The i-Slot Games

As the Reel Turns, Baby Boomers, and Cosmic Quest are just a few examples of i-Slot games that have captured the imagination of the gaming populace. Going beyond the limited multi-payline slots offered by their chief competitors, Rival Gaming managed to introduce story and animation into their select line of virtual slot machines. In an era where gambling sites have to compete with Hollywood, console gaming mega-corporations, and the entire Internet, Rival understands the importance of pushing the medium forward.

Casino Controller

Without attractive games, a casino operator is dead in the water, but the same can be said for the platform on which the site is built. Rival Gaming made perhaps their biggest splash in the industry with Casino Controller, a platform that has gone on to become one of the most respected frameworks in the business. With flexible controls and intuitive instructions, Casino Controller has succeeded by limiting the amount of human effort and time a gambling site needs to keep things running smoothly.