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Rock OnWith the slot machine known as Rock On, you have many ways to win right from the comfort of home. This particular game is available on a number of different computer platforms, which makes it simple for anyone to download it and begin playing it right away. You will find that it’s a fun game that offers hours of entertainment for you and your friends. It’s one of the newer slot machines to come out in the world of gaming, but it is definitely unique in all that it delivers.

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The Game

Rock On is a slot machine game that features five rows of different images. These rows will spin on each turn and win you extra credits which can then be transferred to money or additional spins. The more rows that you choose to bet on and play, the more chance you have of actually winning something in the process. Rock On makes it easy for players to win scatter wins, wild images and even jackpots that are considered to be progressive. There is nothing better than playing this game and having a lot of fun while doing it from your own home computer.

The game has a rock-and-roll theme to it with lots of guitars and other imagery. You will also find that bonus rounds you can go into will feature rock and music themes that you’ll love. The game itself is quite unique from others, but it definitely has the same type of slot machine game play. You get to win scatter wins, bonus rounds and jackpots while spinning the wheel. This is why it’s a great choice for anyone who is familiar or even new to playing slots.

Ways to Win

With the game Rock On, you’ll have dozens of ways to win. As a general rule with all types of slot machines, you’ll want to bet a lot of rows and a lot of credits in order to do well. You will be given a specific amount of credits to start the game and it is up to you how you choose to play what was given to you. It’s a quick and easy way to begin playing rows and looking for ways that you are then able to win. You could win scatter and wild images when you spin the wheel, or you may even get locked into one of the many bonus rounds that happen to be available.

Another key difference between Rock On and other types of games online is that you can easily win the jackpot if you bet correctly and have lots of luck. The best way for you to win the jackpot is for you to bet all credits on each line and then make spins. This puts you in the running for the progressive jackpot, and it could potentially win you thousands upon thousands of additional credits that you can then play with to see if you are able to earn even more.

How to Play

The great thing about Rock On is that it plays very similarly to other slot machines you might find online. The slot machine will allow you to choose the rows and credits that you’d like to play as well as how often you would like to spin. Depending on the casino you are using, you can play Rock On from your computer, desktop or even mobile device. It’s available as an app for those who may be interested in playing when they cannot necessarily be at home.

The game is a great choice for those who love slot machines and would like to try something a little out of the box as far as graphics and theme are concerned. You will get a chance to play the rows you would like and win as much as you want when spinning the wheel on this amazing slot.