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Rock Star Slot – Betsoft
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Rock Star SlotNow here is a video slot game that is everything to do with rock and roll. From the incredible lighted stage to the intense guitar solos throughout, the Rock Star video slot machine will take you on an epic journey as this band gets a record contract, takes the stage, and rips some of the best music you have ever heard from a video slot game.

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Before you spin the reels and let the band take the stage, you have to get familiar with all the setting for betting. Looking at the bottom of the screen you will notice how elaborate the attention to detail really is. The speaker in the lower left corner will allow you to choose a coin size from as little as .02 per coin all the way to $1.00. The red guitar lets you adjust the bet per line, going from one credit to five credits per spin. The center setting is the lines bet, and here you have the option of going down to one line or playing the max 30 lines.

Now that you understand the betting settings, it is time to get familiar with the cast of characters that make up the Rock Star video slot game. The lower paying of all the symbols is the record contract, then you move up the paytable to the Rock Star magazine cover, the bottle of whiskey, what appears to be the Rolling Stone cover, the brunette fan, the drummer, the base guitarist, the lead guitarist, and the lead singer. Getting 5 of a kind of any of these symbols will reward you with 100 to 500 coins. This is not where the real money is however, that is the bonus rounds that make up the Rock Star game.

There are a few more symbols that all have a hand in triggering the wide variety of bonus rounds within this fun and exciting video slot game. The first bonus feature is called the Epic Solo, and is triggered when 3 or more of the flaming red guitar symbols appear anywhere on an active payline. Once the combination appears, the lead guitarist will take the stage and shred one of the loudest, fastest, and impressive solos you have heard. The bigger the solo, the bigger your reward. Once the solo is complete, your bankroll is rewarded with a staggering amount of credits.

The next unique bonus feature is Multiplier Mania, and triggered when the gold or platinum records appear on the reels. Because there are several of them in play and because in unique combinations they pay more, you could see your winning combination multiplied by 2x, 5x, and even an incredible 10x. These symbols can appear on a winning payline by themselves or grouped together. The better the combination, the higher the eventual payout will be. Just like in the real music industry, the more gold and platinum records you score, the richer you will be. No different here in the Rock Star video slot game.

The final bonus feature is triggered when you get three or more of the ticket stubs appears on an active payline. This is the Ready to Rock feature. Fireworks explode as the band is about to take the stage, and just like when you play the video game where you must mimic the play of the band to score points, you must keep up with the band here to increase your bonus reward. At the bottom of the screen you will see a bar where musical notes are scrolling towards. Click them as they pass the bottom and earn points. These are the high notes the ban is trying to hit, and with your help they can put on a performance for the ages. Your hits are all tallied and you receive a very healthy reward in credits when the show is over.

The Rock Star video slot game screams rock and roll in every sense of the word. The blinking color lights above the stage, the musical instruments that come to life at the bottom of the screen, and all the animated symbols are just some of the reasons this game is so appealing to different people. Along the top of the game you have a control to turn on and off the sound, to turn on autoplay so the reels spin automatically, and the view pays where you get all the answers to any questions you have about the Rock Star video slot game. Now grab your pick and get shredding as you try to land that deal for loudest band in the world.