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Ronin Slot – RTG
2.83 (56.67%) 12 votes

Ronin SlotRonin is a slot machine game that brings the majesty of ancient Japanese culture to gaming. The game is a twenty payline game with five reel progressive, RTG Video slot. Ronin has everything a slot gamer could want, free spin feature, a wild symbol, scatter symbol, bonuses, and a jackpot that grows continually.

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A ronin is a samurai that has lost his master and wanders now like a rogue throughout the land. In ancient times, being a master-less samurai was most undesirable. The samurai carried honor, dignity, and discipline like no others and while a ronin maintained these admirable qualities, his lack of a master meant he lacked guidance that could, at times, be crucial to his following his true path. As time has progressed, the title of ronin carried less of a stigma. This game captures the regalty of the samurai and the weight of being a ronin, enveloping the player in the culture that is the ronin. It has beautifully detailed pictures and authentic Japanese backgrounds and decor. Even the sounds of the game are reminiscent of Japanese culture further delving the player in the life of the samurai. The game has a progressive jackpost and bets can be placed that range from one cent to five dollars. Be aware when placing bets so that the amount of money you wager is congruent with your intentions. There are an unknown number of wild symbols in this game and a multitude of special features. There are five free spins and a prize multiplier that makes every spin an adventure. Various combinations create possibilities of winning like no other game.

Ronin is a slot game that is far more than spinnings reels. It is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich and fascinating culture that is the ronin. A player is enveloped in Japanese culture and led down the path of the ronin all while enjoying a fabulous game.