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Rook's Revenge SlotThe Rook’s Revenge Slots game appears in some casinos, and also online as a slots video game for computer and mobile device users. It has gained considerable popularity worldwide since its creation by Betsoft in 2012.

Two features of importance in this slots concern the presentation and the structure of game play. These aspects combine to generate a lot of enthusiasm for the game, especially among computer game players.

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An Animated, Active Visual Appearance

Rook’s Revenge Slots employ a rich, colorful theme of the ancient world in South and Central America. Instead of using traditional casino playing card symbols, such as a deck of hearts, aces, spades or clubs, the milieu of the game switches to a completely different locale.

From the main screen, players confront a vivid display of wide green vistas, heavily covered in foliage, looking onto nearby magnificent edifices, towers and stone ruins of an early civilization, one strongly reminiscent of the ancient Mayan or Aztec cultures.

The game recruits Rook, a 3-D animated figure from the well known Aztec Treasure video slots, to function as a cheerleader of sorts. When players win, Rook’s portly body dances across the bottom of the screen like an acrobat. If they lose, he remains sullen and immobile.

In accordance with the overall theme, the reels of the slot game do not merely spin. Instead, like many video game icons in a match-three objects puzzle, they seemingly descend into view on the screen from an unknown source and they exit with a loud explosion. Sound effects include the recurring clatter of tumbling rock, frequent rock collisions, and, sometimes, deep male chanting in an unknown language.

The slots utilizes nine symbols in total, all relayed as carvings or drawings on stone (in keeping with the lost civilizations motif). Players see images of green and gold iguanas, red colored stones, orange suns, grey blocks and some bright blue symbols, as well. All things considered, the graphics do indeed appear quite striking.

Three symbols deserve especial mention: crimson blocks, question mark signs and golden masks. (More about these items shortly.)

The Structure of Game Play

Depending on the version, Rook’s revenge provides five “reels” (as columns of rock, described above) and 25 or 30 separate pay lines wending across the 15 blocks on the screen. Players can place bets and direct the course of the game using video buttons on the bottom of the screen, where a convenient dialogue box also provides information about available credits and scores. A multiplier scale on the lower right hand side multiplies on the main screen by one, two, three, or five times the amount of the bet, lending excitement to the progress of the game.

Players can determine how many coins and how many active pay lines to play. The game permits play in denominations of 0.02, 0.05. 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00, which means that as a gambling device, Rooks Revenge Slots permits a very wide range of player bankrolls. Reportedly, the highest monetary jackpot is 12,500 coins.

As in some video games, when three matching symbols line up on an active pay line, an explosion occurs and the symbols disintegrate, allowing new blocks to descend from above. Wins may also increase the multiplier effect, adding to credits earned. The question mark symbol functions as a wild card, and it will substitute for other symbols in the game.

When three golden masks appear adjacently on a single pay line, or two golden masks adjoining a question mark, the event triggers a series of bonus rounds on a new screen. An ancient rock wall replaces the mountainous vista of the main screen, and a new multiplier scale of three, six, nine and 15 times appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Players hope for the appearance of five lucky red blocks four times in a row on the bonus screen. This event in a free spin mode will trigger a jackpot of credits up to 187,500. Rook dances on the screen as a rain of gold tokens pour down on him from above.


Rooks Revenge Slots combines many features of a traditional slots game with aspects of popular modern video gaming. Features of the imagery and the overall structure of the game lend Rooks Revenge Slots game flexibility in this respect. It can entertain, and also function as a casino gaming machine.